It is mathematically impossible for Trump to be worth 10 billion.

Do you know how much 10 billion is? He’s not in any industry that could generate that much money. What does he do? He does a TV show, he buys some golf courses with money from the bank, he buys a vineyard with investors, he leases his name to a few casinos that he doesn’t own.

Bill Gates is only worth 70 billion. This is insane. I don’t understand why the press hasn’t figured out what is over obvious to me.

I mean think about it. 10 billion is 10,000 million.

This is mathematically impossible.

Stop the presses. nicky has called Trump a liar. :roll::roll:

Forbes says Trump is worth $4.1 billion.

In other news:

Hillary says Bill and her left the White House flat broke.

It’s mathematically impossible.

I know I know. You got nothing.

The man is 69 years old and has amassed a fortune.

So what?

One of two things is for sure. Either he’s full of crap (most likely) or he knows how to make a LOT of money really quick.

One month ago when the real estate tycoon announced he was running for the Republican presidential nomination, he claimed his net worth was $8.8 billion.

Now he claims he’s worth more than 10 billion.

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Its called an inheritance and he lost most of it at one point.

All I know is if I had 1 Billion myself and my family would never do anything we did not want to again.

We would travel the world constantly in first class style and see and help all we encountered.

Trump, Zuckerberg, Gates estate anyone wanna make a bid for Meeker industries 1 Billion that it thats all them heaven for my family for generations to come :slight_smile:

One of the main reasons I would want to be President is to find out all our National Cool Aliens and such secretes and share them with the world.

Other wise I would take my Billions and live my life and my loved ones life’s exceptionally.

I gotta say, I would think its just numbers once you hit the billion mark. Is it possible that through corporate real estate holdings and intangibles he might be worth what he says.
Who knows. Maybe he invested in the Chinese stock market or Netflix. If he’s nominated we might just find out… What the real numbers are.

He could be worth as little as 100 million but at most 3.3 billion (likely closer to the 3.3 billion). I know that’s a big window, but that’s the best I could do. There is just not enough public information to be any more accurate. Anyway, it’s not 10 billion.

So based on information that you don’t have access to, you have declared him a liar? :roll:

Who cares?
He stands a snowball chance in hell of winning anything.

Being an independent and a leftie for the most part, I love that Trump is trumping the GOP.
Their party was pretty much a mess to start with and now its pretty much a circus to boot!

LOl So two lies make it right . I see if you man lies it is OK typical bull **** you spread . What bugs you the most people know you are a bull **** or people call you up on it. Ok let the comments go , (Wayne has nothing, must be on drugs , Has head the sand , wife beater , stupid and so on .) Just typed what you normal come backs are when someone disagrees with you . If you had a clue you wouldn’t make it a life time hobbies trying slur people you disagree with. Some christian solider you are . Well maybe you are, they seem to follow the same way but in the old days they declared you a witch .

Information everyone has access too. I didn’t just look at what he has, I looked at what businesses he’s been in in the past years and they just don’t generate that kind of cash. Speaking engagements? Menswear? Golf courses? Forgetaboutit. Either way you look at it, it is mathematically impossible for him to have amassed (after costs) a whopping 10,000 million dollars from those businesses. Impossible.

So unless he has a 7 billion dollar asset somewhere that he has hidden from the world and hasn’t bragged about how he made the money to acquire it… he’s either lying, absurdly valuing some asset, or is mistaken.

I’ll probably vote for him anyway, but his net worth isn’t 10 billion.

Then that is at least two votes he will be getting;-)

It doesn’t really matter. He is just a different level of H Ross. Whole Lotta money…whole Lotta crazy. The Republicans would set themselves back 50 years if this guy was ever nominated. The party might even be disbanded. Trump is that crazy.

Trump is saying what he wants.

A rare commodity in politics these days.

A refreshing change from the usual pandering and political correctness.

WHAT??? :shock:

A politician that would actually lie??

My God, man, that is unacceptable, and atrocious! :roll: