Thanks ITA. PICs from last night's meeting.

Big thanks to ITA for hosting the Marketing for Home Inspectors show last night where I was the featured speaker. ITA had a big spread of food and 4 cases of beer. Lots of fun!


Nick you’re looking pretty good there. Looks like you lost weight.

Keep up the good work! :wink:

Thanks Wendy, After breaking my foot in a football game last year, I’ve recovered 100% and I’m back to comin’ across the middle. I’m a T.E., no play on words intended.

Nick, you gave a good speech last night. I learned a lot about marketing and how to nail that call to be a scheduled inspection. :mrgreen:

Liked the pink shirt, too!

Goes with my pink shoes. :wink:

Some familiar compadres there, all seem to be having a great time!
Let’s see what we’ll post from Flint, MI this weekend . . .

4 cases of beer to go around that lot, I hope you was not thirsty.

Not a bit. ITA fed us big time too. I might just move next door to ITA.