ITE Pushmatic neutral/ground busbar

Question(s)… I’ve noticed on these panels that the lugs are oversized and it appears that they’re designed to be this way, with the multiple neutral/grounds bundled under the one lug. Now, is this how these were originally designed? And how much of a concern is it if it was originally designed like this and been o.k. over the years? I realize that the individual terminations on newer panels are a better way, but having these all separated and adding additional bars n such seems to be a bit much, no? Enlighten me, please…

Thanks for any help/insight in advance…

That’s really the least of your concerns with that panel. This short answer - the terminal lugs are not intended to be used like that.

I’d be way more concerned with the direct tap at the service breaker, among other things. This panel needs professional help :wink:

Thats my point, since there’s only a handful there, how else would you do it? or how were they intended to be used, since there so large?

Yeah, kinda hard to miss that one

Those lugs were intended for larger conductors. It’s obvious that many circuit have been added over the years, and this was their solution. The flat screws on that terminal bar are for the smaller conductors.

A true professional would have added additional terminal bars to accomodate the conductors, and they probably would have suggested replacing the panel.

As well as the pushmatic can Have internal rust over time and not work when needed.

Can’t any circuit breaker rust over time (if conditions exist) and not work when needed?

A majority of electricians around here say they’re one of the best panels/breakers ever made.

The pushmatics in this area tend not to work over time unless they are tested each month. But we have alot of rain. Other areas may not be as bad. I still see alot of these panels in use and they are good panels.
but with any panel that is as old as these it might be better to upgrade to current applications especialy when they look like the one on this thread.

It seems to be a west coast thing where they are having problems with rust. Never seen any rust in them, just through word of mouth on this MB. I see a lot in the Chicago suburbs. My opinion is that they are a solid panel, just may cost a little more to get the breakers.