item in panal

I need to know what this item is. I found it located in the main panal attached to a 20 amp breaker.

electric panal (3).jpg

Doorbell transformer, maybe…

20 amp breaker may be a bit much…

It shoud not be “in” the panel either.

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll inform the customer of the situation.
Thanks again,

Are you an HI…?..If so consider joining NACHI…we have a great Electrical Entrance Course…:slight_smile:

Yes, it is a doorbell transformer and it should not be in the electrical panel.

I know it shouldn’t be in the panel but why?

The secondary low voltage side wiring is not rated to be in the same enclosure as 120/240v wiring. It also has limited heat dissipation inside the panel.

Well said Mr. Romoser…with that additional heat…it could melt insulation…as stated…cause the transformer to overheat and burn up , maybe catch fire…and well…end in a rather nasty situation.

I don’t see the heat as much of a problem as the class 2 wiring inside the panel.