It's back! Inspector's Quarterly.

We are working on a new issue right now. This one is going to be over the top.

You were on top in Colorado. Get back here

I don’t get it. What are you saying?

Is this the real estate news letter?

I was teasing you. We want you back in Boulder.

Great, Dee-
any proposed release date?

Does this also mean that it will be quarterly, as the rest of the world understands it? (meaning every 3 months)

I hope not. I’m generally opposed to doing any more print issues. It had it’s place at one time (Ben Franklin’s day) but today if it isn’t interactive, online, with live links, and streaming video… its worthless IMHO. We’ve evolved way past those days, lets not go back too often.

I hope you have other plans for the investment of money for the equipment and building. If not that is one big tax write off for a few prints.

Then why produce any print products at all?

Joe M writes:

Because they work.

NACHI has access to a printing company that I own a piece of and we print stuff night and day (it literally operates 3 shifts, not for NACHI solely but it never shuts down). I also have access to a brand new 1/2 million dollar press at PRO-LAB. I haven’t personally used it, but it regulary does print jobs for NACHI (we did all the recent Convention printing on it). NACHI Certified Store prints stuff for us in huge quantities. We probably go through 10,000 3-Mistakes brochures a week and all 3 of our books (Homeowner’s Handbook, Manual for a Happy Home, and Environmental Concerns) are big sellers. Attaching a DVD to your inspection report just isn’t the same as a printed book. And last month Konica Minolta delivered a second huge full color copier/printer with collater to the Boulder office (the first one never stops running). I very much believe that printed material will live forever. I just don’t want to do any more in-industry newspapers when we can deliver more entertaining and interactive information to our members more efficiently using the internet.

Ok, so if they work, then they aren’t “worthless” then, are they?

If you find it works across the board, why not continue to produce it Quarterly (meaning every three months)? If it is ineffective, then why produce (print) it at all?

Better yet, Nick, why not just pull the plug on this argumentative SOB and save us all the trouble of reading this crap?

Thanks Dee. Miss ya.


Joe M:

You’ve asked a totally different question. Your question wasn’t about Inspector’s Quarterly, it was about print products in general. Here is the question you asked: