It's gonna get cold in north Florida tonight...

30 degrees at daybreak! Damn!
I hate cold weather .



Merry Christmas Roy :smiley:

Wimp :wink:

I hate cold!

46 here this morning… burr. Got our long John’s and winter coats outfor our trip to FABI conference Daytona. Stay warm!

Still hot as hell down here :frowning:

I’ve been out pressure washing my Titan .
And I’m flippin’ cold!

My neighbor tried pressure washing his truck, Sir Roy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great picture . Sure glad I have a heated garage .

thanks Roy

That IS an awesome photo. Looks like that truck was attacked by Mr. Freeze!

It was cold as crap lol but heated seats and a heated steering wheel plus remote start make it bearable


Agree! :smiley: