Pool Inspection Suprise

Not necessarily house related, but thought it was worth sharing. Found this guy in the pool skimmer the other day while on inspection. Realtor may or may not of saw me jump!


Okay, I just realized that thing is about the size of quarter. Is it true, baby snakes are more dangerous?

It is true, however I couldn’t tell if it was a venomous snake or not.

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If there’s babies they’re usually not alone. I probably would have jumped a little


Always make the hair on my neck stand up lol. I’ve been lucky - plenty snake skins from black rat snakes in attics and crawlspaces but no encounters with their owners :grin: Most interesting snake issue so far was a dozen or so dead baby ring-necked snakes that got stuck in some old carpet glue on a basement floor. Tiny little things maybe few inches long and harmless if they were alive and rare to see since they’re nocturnal. Be safe out there!