I'm visiting 5 Provinces in 5 days, meeting government officials regarding licensing.

I have arranged to meet with numerous Canadian government officials in 5 different Provinces regarding licensing of home inspectors. I’ll be doing this the entire week of December 18th.

Order up some sunny weather for me up there. :cool:

Thank you Nick I wish you all the Best Roy Cooke


Sunny weather is not a problem in Canada, it’s sunny all the time, just make sure you bring your snow shoes… :wink: :wink:

Have you made your reservations yet?



Give me a call when you make it to Toronto Dinner is on me!!!

I put in your order and I have it on good authority that the good Lord will do his best to persuade mother nature to comply with your wishes. Good luck with the bureaucrats.

Hey Big Guy.

When you meet with the Ontario Government Official(s) be sure to raise the following concerns about OAHI.

Thanks Big Guy!


Just bare with me here …

  1. How can the membership of OAHI knowledgably appoint the auditor at the AGM or elect Board Members without having this all of this information (Minutes, Financial info) in there hands far prior to the meeting? Why must they attend the meeting to get this info? How can a member vote by proxy without this information? Do you feel this information should be sent to all members long before the AGM?

  2. What is preventing someone from “lifting” this “scared” information that they receive at the AGM and forwarding it on to other associations?

  3. Why is this information not open to public in the first place, given a new member should be entitled to review this information in order to make an informed decision about joining? It’s the members’ money, not the associations. OAHI is merely the custodian which safeguards the members money and they don’t appear to be minding it very well by witholding the info that we as members are entitled to see. Not to mention witholding such info is contrary to the by-laws and the Corporations Act.

  4. Making viewing of this information ONLY at head office effectively stifles any out-of-towner from seeing the information. Without trust, communication, commitment and accountability there can be no results to move the association forward in a positive manner.

  5. No other associations to my knowledge have such a restricted flow, or should I say non-existent communication, of this CRITICAL information which involves not association funds, but rather the members’ monies. There’s not an internal audit committee. Why? You’ve admitted there’s been “some difficulties over the financials” and it’s worth noting in the past there’s been absconding of OAHI funds by a former treasurer. Do you not think these questions posed here about accountability and communication of this financial information is more than warranted and should NOT be restricted? Maybe the release of this information to “other associations” stems directly from concerns about the financials?

  6. Are you aware that “administrative” fees aka as fines have been levied arbitrarily and collected by the Secretary? When the individual queried the association to the mix up no replies. This calls into further question
    who is imposing fines contrary to the by-laws and which is a DPPC matter, and where the fines are going and are they being reported in the financial records?

  7. Lastly, I know you’re new to the board, but I would like to ask you this…how long will you be a willing participant if these non-disclosure issues continue I only ask because I feel some on the board are negligent and quite frankly I and others feel someone needs to do an audit.

Oh I also think that the BOD decision to restrict access to the documents does not hold much credence. As an example here are two associations which publish their financial info.

These are available to the public:

OACETT - http://www.oacett.org/downloads/files/financialstatements2005.pdf

PEO - http://www.peo.on.ca/publications/DIMENSIONS/marapr2006/FinancialStatemts.pdf

Great questions Dave but why are you asking them here are you afraid your own Association might just remove you as you too are not following the OAHI Bylaws Be carefull what you ask for it could come back and bite you .
Roy Cooke proud to be a NACHI member


Mind your own business, I am a member of OAHI you are not! I am trying to be serious here and I would like answers, just like you are always crying for answers you big baby!

If there are important questions to be asked I will ask them, I don’t need anyone elses help especially yours. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I will be happy to help you Dave :-D:-D:-D



Take a copy of the news show and show them what the reporter found and how the other places like Caphi educates their inspectors.


Unfourtunately this little expose has not played well for CAHPI and BCIPI, I hope you don’t mind me telling you so but this could have happened to anyone of us regardless of membership.

NACHI is thinking outside of the box, our association OAHI-CAHPI is still operating behind the iron curtain. ;( :frowning: :frowning:

Later big guy.


Iron curtain???

Did they inform the membership???

What are the dry cleaning costs?

Who hangs the damn thing.

Wait I know 10 associates and 5 RHI’s

Are you kidding? I know a thing or two about OAHI after all I have been an associate for 8 years. I know the behind the scenes details of the goings on because I am involved with one of the directors, and I hear the intimate details. Do you think I would post stuff about Raymond Wand and what the BOD thinks unless I had unfettered access to the power chamber?



So who is the longest running ASSociate in there??

Whats the prize? Editor of a magazie?

Heck I even agree that OAHI should have a full forensic audit going back as far as 1994.

Dear fellow NACHI members,

Since taking control of user account “gilstrachan” in hope of reducing the verbal diarrhea of Raymond and Roy, I have been hoping that this lunacy would be reduced. That sadly has not been the case.

**Mysteryman has come up with a way for you express your opinion and participate.

Non-members cannot post polls but ALL can vote on others reputation so here is the plan.

Option 1-
If you think Raymond and Roy should continue as they have been vote gilstrachan’s reputation DOWN and Raymond and Roy’s UP

Option 2-
If you think Raymond and Roy should shut-up and get a life
vote gilstrachan’s
reputation UP and Raymond and Roy’s DOWN

Let’s see what the membership of NACHI really thinks of these two boys antics.

Go to the yellow star at the top of the post to give reputation points.

Speak up NACHI. This is your BB too.**

THANK-YOU NICK!! I sure hope one of them is Alberta:D :smiley: :smiley:

A very ambitious task Nick. Good luck and don’t forget your
snow shoes.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: