meaningless “Designations” awarded by the various associations

I find it so sad that a person who visits the NACHI site a lot and who does make some posts here ,Finds he must run down the NACHI members on a Canadian site.
Rudolf Reusse was one of the founders of OAHI and left like many others have because he was not satisfied with what they were doing.
His post of Jan 27th looks to me like it is directed to NACHI.
If this is the case then it is obvious he has not studied what the NACHI qualifications are.

**re: Fraud in the Home Inspection Industry

**It is still an undisputed fact that actual “Competence” is more important to perform home inspections in Ontario - than meaningless “Designations” awarded by the various associations these days. It is therefore simply inappropriate that disgruntled members are posting their personal grievances with their chosen affiliation on a real estate forum which is accessible to the public. I suggest that CAHPI/OAHI members discuss their problems on their own forum - which is publicly not accessible.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - TORONTO

posted at: 1/27/2008 12:02:24 PM

At least here a question can be asked without concern. There are many at OAHI who seem to want the best, but are powerless to embrace the future.
I have made ignorant assumptions in the last 4 months, but believe me, I stand corrected! This group at NACHI have more to offer not only with education, but a friendly atmosphere and a willingness to share knowledge.
There is simply no comparison. I did a very poor job injecting my sense of humour in previous posts, but I have confidence in this group to accept my apology for that and move on. In particular, I am unequivically apoligising to the one who introduced me to NACHI; Roy Cooke, whom I meant no disrepect but if any was perceived it was a result of my inability to type my smile to coincide with my post.

Looking forward to seeing you in Kingston Mar. 8&9 Roy
Doug Potts
Newbie Accepting Criticism However Insignificant

Good Post Roy

The fact that NACHI front-ends their members says allot. Being new to HI, the fact that there is no levels is great. There is no need to have levels if you pass the entrance exams. I am proud and happy to say that I am a NACHI member. It helps when I sell myself. If I explain what it takes to be a NACHI member people are impressed.

I was talking to a HI that was no part of any organization and he said that CAHPI is an “Old Boys Club”. They take your money and then decide if you are allowed to come in.

We need to thank Nick for making this happen.

We need to thank Nick and each other for keeping this going.

Keep it up.

Lawrence Olsen
Universal Inspections

This site is a great help to me and I will tell you why. I am an electrician by trade and my journeyman said to me way back when “The day you think you know everything… you don’t know a #$%^ing thing”. The collective help this forum alone will give every inspector is unreal. We can’t know everything and the support here is awesome. I am new and what I have learned here is priceless. I offer my report next day and have told customers in the past that I am not 100% about something and come here and post a pic and within an hour I either have the answer or am directed to a resource with the answer. I then can offer a report with confidence. And this is just one benefit.

Go get em’, Roy.

Good Morning Roy Cook: I suggest that you control your paranoia. I did not even include any reference to NACHI in my posting on the REM forum. I only stated that it is inappropriate that home inspectors using a real estate forum to discuss their internal problems with CAHPI/OAHI in public using the heading “Fraud in the Home Inspection Industry.” It may come as a surprise to you - but my opinion about the actual value of designations include the title “Registered Home Inspector.”

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - TORONTO

A consumer’s comment from one of the web pages cited by Mr. John Bubber today:

***“Not much training is involved in becoming a Home inspector - so this does not surprise me at all.”

I keep seeing newly minted inspectors every 2-3 weeks here and so wonder how much more of this may be coming?

As it becomes easier to become a ‘Home Inspector’ with various ‘Certifications’ more and more people will see it as a fast way to make big money. In turn this encourages the birth of many more ‘course providers’ with more and more questionable credentials.

Part of the National Certification Program has been to Accredit course providers who teach according the the National Occupational Standards. The National Accreditation Council reviews the curriculum of each one and tries to ensure they actually teach people to do what we do.

Sadly, fewer than half of those course providers who apply are teaching students what they need to know. The NAC then informs the course providers where they fall short and encourages them to come back when they have improved. This is one way we can raise the bar a bit in Canada.

Bill Mullen

Just to clarify guys…ALL designations are useless!!!
I have never been asked what CHI or CMI mean. One is a good Home Inspector or one is not,and if you guys think that (clients) buyer’s, sellers can’t distinguish the difference…you are dead wrong!!!

Thanks for your clarification, To bring you up to date I have no Paranoia,but I am just sick and tired of some telling people and other inspectors that NACHI is the home of the 30 minute inspector.
I do not see in your post above that it does not include NACHI.
NACHI where 12 year olds are certified, and those NACHO inspectors.
This has been posted many times on the Closed Canadian associations.
I have yet to see any apologies for these posts.
I support NACHI and what it has done for all Home Inspectors.
When I make a post I do not insinuate, I say what I see hear and feel.
Now I feel the CMI is far superior for a Home Inspector to get .
I feel RHI and the National Certification are absolutely useless and to damed expensive.
I feel the NCAA has not given proper Information to those who have asked for it.
I feel CAHPI/Ontario is run buy a click and has not treated the Ontario home inspector properly.
NACHI is open for all to see and post their thoughts and information.

NACHI from the get go has tried to co-operate with all, This is continually been turned down by OAHI, CAHPI, and the national certification,
The only reason why CAHPI comes to our web site is to try and convince the NACHI members to join in on their National Certification.
("I only stated that it is inappropriate that home inspectors using a real estate forum to discuss their internal ")
That is exactly what has put this industry in Ontario where it is today.
No public information being given out by the Canadian associations

…Cookie…Long live NACHI

I beg to differ. Although I agree that no one is ever going to “ask” you what they mean. We’ve had dozens of CMI’s explain over and over how they use the designation to raise prices and get more inspection work and none of them, not one, uses the acronym for over obvious reasons… no one knows what it stands for. But like they testified to on our message board… write the words out “Certified Master Inspector” and use them when asked how much you charge for a home inspection, and it works, example: “I’m one of only 3 Certified Master Inspectors in the area and so I charge about $100 more than my competitors, but if you are spending a lot on your home (and everyone is), I recommend that you spend the extra $100 and go with a Certified Master Inspector.”

Now I’m not saying this works every time, it only works about 99.999999% of the time, and that is plenty.

Don’t take my word for it though. This

from the first post of this thread: started by a Canadian CMI… oops I mean Certified Master Inspector.

I agree and let people know I and my wife are are Both Certified Master Inspectors , I also say there are only 17 in Ontario.

(From my post above" Now I feel the CMI is far superior for a Home Inspector to get .
I feel RHI and the National Certification are absolutely useless and to damed expensive. " ). Works for us and will work for others too.


28% of Alberta members are certfied master inspectors.

Great Glad to hear that all the best.

***Does this statement mean that you wont seak a Certified Commercial Inspector designation from our class, Bill?:wink: ***

Bill, do you have an financial interest, either directly or indirectly with this so-called “National Certification”? It’s all you seem to talk about these days.

As far as I can tell, by front ending our membership requirements, having a decent test, requiring mandatory courses for continued membership, requiring lots of CEU hours for continued membership, and initially sponsoring a program of excellence including even higher levels of experience and continuing education… there seems to ALREADY be a national certification program in effect. It’s called InterNACHI.

We will have to agree to disagree.

See you soon.

Bill Mullen

Posted by a member in another thread. Equally applicable here in Canada as it is in The United States.

Dear Realtors:

Lets all be adults and quit tap dancing around the flag pole, with all the BS, lies and deception. Lifes too short, its a slow real estate market and we all need to be out promoting our business - not telling fairy tales or playing childish like games with each other. Lets conceed to several facts of life.

  1. There is no huge consumer outcry for LICENSING of Home Inspectors.
  2. This is not about protecting the consumer at all (well maybe 5% of it is).
  3. Its about a lot of special interests - starting with you, the Realtors.
  4. You want to manipulate and control our industry. You think if we’re all
    licensed you can do this. You foolishly or mistakenly think if we’re
    licensed we’ll all say the same thing; we’ll only tell a buyer the plumbing
    pipes are not leaking and we won’t tell him that Polybutylene has been
    involved in class action lawsuits and recommend he research it further on
    the web - Boy are you wrong.
  5. You feel that with licensing AND maybe mandatory E & O insurance in play
    that you can keep referring cheesy/sleasy Harold that does 75 minute
    inspections, is really cheap AND if **** hits the fan YOU can now act
    surprised and UTTER “Well the state said he was qualified, how was I to
    know different. He does have insurance you know”. Then off you go …
    6) Bottom line for Realtors, its about Control & Shifting Liability!!

Then we got the other players:

  1. The HI group that wants to own/control the world.
    :cool: The group that sell/lease tests.
  2. The newbies that think licensing gives them validity.
  3. The oldbies that are losing market-share, aren’t good in the market sack
    and see this as a way to “fence me in & fence them out”.
  4. The power monger HI’s that forsee themselves as the “State HI Board”.
  5. The multi-state HI Trainers, trying to cut everybody else out.
  6. The insurance companies - if we gotta have insurance for a license their
    business goes up (and so does our fees).
  7. The trial attorneys - enough said about their reasons.
  8. The legislators - Realtors and other groups are throwing $$$$$ and votes
    their way in many states to get us licensed EVEN if they see no need.

How convienent that some keep overlooking the fact that some self regulating home inspection associations can’t self regulate and instead become a closed door, paranoid clique that is free to do as they please regardless of the laws. You have to look no further than why licencing is required in Ontario. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, not all non licencing rethoric fits the mould.

Well if we get licensing in Ontario .
I guess we then become like ever other Place that has gone this direction .
All home inspectors will then be equal the person who has done inspection for 15 years and taken many continuing education courses and the one who just took the 10 day P2P Instant (now you are an Inspector Course).
Sorry I do not see any advantage in Ontario Granting a license.