I've had enough of hearing things from uptight short sided narrow minded hypOOOcrites

all Bubba wants is the truth, just give homeowners the truth

Chimney basement leak, a moron previously attempted to fix it, too many short cuts such as they did not use hydraulic cement, they didn’t use visqueen and did not backfill with all gravel = job doesn’t last too long aka re-leaks, ya FOLLA?

They DID put in VERTICAL DRAIN TILES and gravel in tiles!!! hahahahahhaha smh balding melon

here is some crap for ya lol LOOK at the blocks ABOVE his white garbage, duh!

nuttin like trying to hide, conceal water, cracks, mold etc

‘No short-haired yellow-bellied son of tricky Dicky’s gonna mother hubbard soft soap me
with just a pocketful of HOPE (grade)
money for dope
money for ROPE’

RIP you two