Lol good one, moron BUILDER backfilled with plywood = another KNOTHEAD

Warren, Michigan poured walls, basement leaked in the areas we dug

control joint CRACK lolol oh Mr builder, you suck at some things

many deteriorated rod hole leaks lool you need to WATERPROOF the exterior of foundation walls and backfill correctly AND fill rod holes with cement, we use hydraulic cement

GAPS under basement windows also allowed water into basement but some home inspectors ignorantly always claiming the problem and solution is the grade = negligence! Yep, sure is.

See what some home inspectors want YOU Mr and Mrs homeowner to leave OPEN that will allow water in your basements? Yeah, that’s right, they apparently do NOT care one bit about you having cracks in foundation walls and gaps under basement windows and deteriorated rod holes behind your drywall, nah, they ignorantly claim all you need to do is raise n slope the grade

Here’s where the fun kicked in… WOOD, 6 1/2 ’ deep… wood n lots of it, what an IDIOT you are builder

stupid stupid stupid cheap, weak az builder

so now we had to cut the wood out in order to seal the bottom of the wall

just about done