jgm properties

Hello, I was cerious if anybody has done any work for this company or anyone simalar. They do work for fannie may, hud,ect. Work involves inspecting, taking pictures and minor repairs. They want my personal info and i’m weary of giving it because my wife and I have already been Id theft 3 times. However they sound like they have alot of work. Please Help. Thanks

I understand your caution, Id also be very leery especially when asking for sensitive information. I personally have not heard of this company. I would also be concerned because they not only inspect but perform repairs, that to me also smells like a scam.

They were looking for someone to do $3.50 and $5.00 driveby inspections in my area. Thats what they told me anyway.

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The minor repairs could mean cleaning a toilet or two. That’s what another inspector told me anyway. The inspector also said the forms were long to fill out.