JGM Property Group?

I have been approached by the above group to do semi-monthly recurring inspections of foreclosed and warehoused homes-photos of each room to verify conditions, no narrative. Since I have been burned once as a subcontractor (a company went into bankruptcy owing me money) I wonder if anyone out there has done business with JGM and what they think of the company?

Never heard of them, but I suspect they are one of the many $8-$12 gigs.

Here… a simple Google search tells me all I need to know… http://www.jgmpropertygroup.com/

When one of these “Companies” wants my insurance information… “Run like hell” !!!

Same here…run,run,run. but some pay good and only want a few items.

Paul… define “pay good”.

I’m going to put up $1 mil G/L and $1mil E&O on a $12.00 inspection? Wait 45-90 days to get paid? Are you kidding me? These outfits get $75 from the banks and we cover all their insurance by providing outrageous policies. How on earth am I going to incur a million dollar claim by taking a photo? All licensed inspectors should refuse to work with them and bust their BS business model to hell. Just my opinion. I am only one of the 99%.

You folks got it wrong. I’m from JGM Property Group and we have independent contractors doing this type of work for us for years on end, and doing quite well at it.

Okay, show us were we are wrong. Give us some verifiable facts. Explain why you “need” what you do. Your statement above gives us nothing.

I have been doing this a very long time, and here are some facts… The “Reputable” companies pay just enough to make it tolerable for fill work, and “Not Yet Reputable” and “less than reputable” companies pay pennies on the dollar. These companies primarily use out of work, part-time inspectors and appraisers, spouses of inspectors and appraisers, part time real estate agents, insurance agents, housewives, and college students. Yes, I have that from excellant sources.

Do you have a structural Engineer in MaryLand?

I worked for them for a few years. I observed their employee staff of young inexperienced family and friends try to run the operation. The employee turnover rate was incredible. It was difficult to communicate with anyone that was accountable. Despite what work you invoiced the company, you only received pay for what they think your invoice should be, with no documentation or explanation backing their decision. They subcontract you with specific responsibilities, after which they continuously added on additional responsibilities throughout the contract and refused to pay any more for those services. If you wouldn’t go along with it they quit sending you volume until you gave in or quit. Great business ethics.

This is not my opinion, It was my experience.


I have a staff PE in PA and NY
Maryland should not be a problem…
What do you specifically encounter in property searches that routinely requires a PE?

sir are you still with JGM properties? because I have been contacted by them base on my resume that I sent them…



Well I just did some work for them and they owe me money and now wont respond to my emails and can’t seem to get anyone to be able to help me on the phone. From my experience I say DO NOT deal with this company they are not trustworthy.

Don’t do it. The owner is a real witch! She will expect you to drop everything on a moment’s notice and be her beck-n-call gofer! You will be forced to enter deplorable settings with no protection!

Agree…run!!! And run fast. Like the former “sub-contractor” said…the owner will screw you! When you don’t kiss her ***, the work load stops. She will always expect more and more from you and give you nothing but grief in return! She reaps all the rewards $$$$ and pays you peanuts. She is a reactive, explosive person. She needs to take some business classes and see a therapist. This woman gets a ton of money from her bank contracts and gives you $2 per inspection. Most locations are in terrible crime ridden neighborhoods. She has no concern for your safety. She requires you to enter non-secured buildings that police are apprehensive going into alone AND THEY are ARMED! Yes, she wants to tap into YOUR insurance policies! Run!

At what cost to their mental health??? And personal safety??? Their personal time??? You don’t want independent contractors, you want servants.

The best way to straighten out a witch is to ram her back door with a good stiff broom handle.

Face it dude, you have been called out for being a dirt ball. Good try though. Do you have your real estate license perhaps??

JGM PROPERTY IS A SCAM !!! Do not trust these guys Mike Walsh AKA Fat Mike tells me to come in for this workshop over here at his office and hes gonna make it worth our wild… there gonna have lunch… you know snacks pizza etc… I get there and this worthless POS trys to get me to sign a contract for $4.50 an inspection !!! for the worst areas in detroit !!! when i told him i wasnt going to sign he said sorry the pizza got cancelled !!! Those losers waste a day one my life RUN RUN RUN and when your done keep running !!!



I hope this isn’t another scam like the one Jay Vincent had, he is now in prison. I am sorry to say I fell for that and spent money on a unifrom, I.D. badge. Forms etc.Spent money on gas, went on property I no valid reason to be on an never got paid a cent.

Thanks for this info. I have been receiving inquiries for imployment from this company. Very informative.