Job Task Analysis completed. Another step closer to offering a college degree in H.I.

InterNACHI is another step closer to offering an accredited college degree in home inspections with the completion, 5-year study, and finalization of our Job Task Analysis for home inspectors:

This is the first publication of this living document. It is subject to change. Comments appreciated.

I’m looking it over right now Nick & it looks to be self explanatory. Looks good.

All acronyms should be spelled out at first use, i.e. MLS would be Multiple Listing Service (MLS),* Exterior Insulation & Finish System (EIFS)*, etc.

Hi, Michael B –

I fixed those abbreviations (although they’re uncapped unless they’re proper nouns).

Thanks for pointing them out!

No problem but there are many more acronyms in the document other than those two, I quickly counted at least 8 others. No big deal though.

Hi again, Michael B –

Are you talking about abbreviations that aren’t spelled out? Which ones? We’d like to plug any holes.


Quite detailed.

For example, HVAC, CO, OSB, SIPS, TPR, maybe others.

How far away would you estimate InterNACHI is from offering such a degree?

We’re shooting for the end of this year. In the meantime, we keep acquiring governmental approvals:

Hey, Michael B –

I’ve taken care of these. Please let me know if you notice any others, and thanks a bunch!


Michael, please email me your shipping address.

Nick, I truly appreciate the apparent offer of goodies but being retired I have no need for anything at this point. Thanks though :slight_smile:

I will always take free stuff in his stead. :mrgreen:


I am curious if the InterNACHI Associates Degree will be considered an actual “accredited” degree? For instance, if I took my InterNACHI AA to the University of Florida, would they recognize it and credit me for those credit hours? I know that is very tough to get.

Yes. U.S. Dept. of Education. And InterNACHI will be an actual University soon.

Nick….You never cease to amaze me! Keep up the hard work


Will courses that you have already taken be counted toward the degree? and If you are already an InterNACHI member will need to go to student status to participate in this program?


I’ve found a couple of duplicate listings. In Domain 1: Knowledge of: Interviewing Techniques is twice and in Domain 2: Ability to: Inspect roof ventilation also is twice. So far I’ve read to Domain 3: Task 4 have not seen anything else. I do see a lot studying in my future and very much look forward to it. Keep up the great work!!!