Passing the National Home Inspector Exam

Hello. I’m new to the forum. Yesterday I passed the National and Texas Home Inspector Exams. Prior to the test I too searched high and low on the internet for tips, tricks, read horror stories and all. I would like to say that the actual Internachi classes were invaluable. I would not have understood half of the concepts without those classes. I have no strong construction background or any trade. I am a Sr. Technical Project Manager who deals with computers, cloud networks and servers all day. I do have a passion for houses as I do real estate investing on the side. For those that are worried about the exam all I can say is study, study, study. I did 7 classes on Internachi, I did my coursework at AHIT which consisted of 17 proctored exams, 10 inspections, 330 hours. I also did additional ride alongs with an inspector in my region who was willing to allow me to shadow. I read the NHIE Manual front to back and did about 3000 practice questions over the course of 6 months. Its not an easy test. I tried 4 years ago and Failed. I just want to encourage anyone out there who is scared to just study like no other and really try to understand the why versus memorizing test questions. You will not pass strictly on memory. There are no shortcuts. Just glad its over.


Welcome, Kevin, and congratulations! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Larry. Now I can begin the journey :).


Grats! its nice to have someone with a technical background such as myself taking the leap from white collar to blue collar! we’re gonna make it

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Congratulations Kevin. In the middle of taking InterNachi’s on line courses. I have completed 5 courses. I have also considered combining AHIT’s course with Nachi. Could you explain why you switched over and how did you like AHIT’s course and what you may not have liked about it. Thank you.


Andrew Sullivan

Good job!!!

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Congratulations !!! :):):):):):):):slight_smile:

Being in Texas and being required to have a certain amount of classes taken onsite / butt in the chair vs online.

Who taught your onsite classes / ahit or InterNACHI?
Where was it at?
How long / days?
Who was the teacher??

Congrats man. Where in TX?

I would say try the TREC license search but there is no Kevin Franklin listed and the OP is not properly displaying his license number here.