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My name is Chuck Bakker, I am a licensed NJ Home Inspector. I inspect homes part time. I currently have a full time job managing a significant estate here in NJ. My wife and I own a home in a suburb north of Tampa and we are very interested in moving down to our home there. I want to continue working when we get there in the Home Inspection business. I am not certain if I want to start my own or work for someone. #1. anyone out there need someone? or #2. input from other inspectors on this forum. I welcome any input.
Chuck Bakker
Watchman Home Inspections
Bedminster, NJ 07921

Florida has more inspectors than snow birds lately. If you search the Tampa area, you may find someone that needs help with insurance inspections (4 point, wind mit, roof certification).
And don’t forget you’ll need to be licensed here in Florida.

You ain’t just whistling Dixie :smiley:

Best way I can think to stand out from the pack I become a CMI Certified Master inspector :smiley:

I think Tampa / St Pete area has the second most Nachi inspectors per capita than anywhere else in North America…Los Angeles looks like number one. Welcome:cool:

Yes, Dominic, I am aware of the licensing requirements. I come from the most litigious state in the union. I am licensed in NJ and I can roll that over into a Florida licence (obviously for a fee). :slight_smile:
Mike- Great suggestion! I enjoy learning and will take that course, right after the Wind Mitigation course. I am already certified in Home Inspection,Insect, Mold, Mobile homes and pools/hot-tubs.
So, why do you guys have so many home inspectors in Florida? Must be the weather. LOL

You need an Pest control “Id card” to do “termites”, a mold assessors license to “do mold”, and engineer to to mobile home tie-downs.
You will need to obtain a home inspectors license which will include a
120 hr class and pass a test.

There are so many inspectors because there are more inspections here. One could easily make a living just doing insurance inspections, mold, termites or mold.

Good luck and let me know if you need any help.

Because the State Grandfathered anyone in that claimed to have been doing them.

Most got started my clicking their heels three times and declaring:


And poof they were.

Also many that were in the new construction business found themselves not making anywhere near the money they used to so they also jump in to make ends meet using their knowledge obtained in the construction industry. Myself included.

When licensing was about to go into effect the requirements were minimal at best. Be a member of a national org and pass a 20 minute test or get grandfathered in in one of the many ways.

Here in NJ we needed to attend a 140 hours of in classroom time (240 hours of homework, that they do not count), 40 hours of apprenticeship and pass the national test. That is for the title of “Home Inspector” only. The rest of the credentials are separate classes and tests, but we all need CEU’s anyway and I can increase my coverage, give the buyer a break on the per inspection costs and we all win. I hear that The Florida requirements were modeled after NJ and Texas.I very much look forward to joining you folks in The land of Sunshine. Attics in Florida will certainly be warmer :-).
Thanks to all for the input and encouragement.
More thoughts?

Remember you are moving to a new area. Be honest with the people that live there, many of them may know each other more than you think. I once was going to hire a guy who was using a Realtor I knew, it got awkward when I realized he was not telling me the whole truth.

We build different and there are reasons we do it that way.

We do not care how you “did it up North,” seriously. You will make yourself look like an arrogant *** every time you say something like that.

FYI, I grew up in North Jersey. If we ever talk I will tell you how the god forsaken state got $350 from me 12 years after I left, and then another $100 23 years after I left! I charge clients from NJ extra now, to get my money back!

Hope that helps

John is right in so many ways. I recommend some suggested reading prior to moving here so you understand basic hot humid building science. Try this ( click here)]( but just Google "Building in Hot Humid Climates for more, or anything that Joe Lstiburek writes or his company Building Science Corporation.

Most of the people who move here from New Jersey have been very nice to me. Like John said they don’t care about anything but adjusting to life here and learning how the insurance and inspections work. Being able to answer the questions and be helpful go along away.

PS: I am from North Jersey as well, I was raised near Hackettstown, N.J left for Florida in 1972.

I’m a native Floridian and I guess I’ll have to shut the gate on I 75, 95 and 10 just to keep you yankees boys at home.

Just Jokin’ Welcome to the sunshine state.

I knew there was a reason why I like you. :cool:

ahhh feeling all warm and fuzzy …:D…Well the feeling is mutual, thank you ! Us Jersey peeps are good folks a bit forward at times but big hearts !

Sorry to all who contributed here. I got busy, busy busy and did not check your posts out. Thanks for your well wishes and suggestions. A word “from” the wise should be sufficient and I thank you guys for your wisdom. :-), even if a few of you are original locals. LOL
My boss up here is putting the Estate on the market and I will be out of a job soon, or if my wife- a Nuclear Technologist- gets a position in the Brooksville area we may be there earlier. Fred, I am in the Bedminster area, not too far from Hackettstown.
Thanks Guys! I look forward to meeting you guys, some day. Stay cool. They are calling for 6-10 inches of snow here tonight.