John Deere Room

Not sure how your code officials interpret fire wall/ceiling requirements for John Deere rooms, but here where I live as long as the door will not permit a car or truck to enter they don’t consider it a garage. In my case the basement John Deere room had a 6-foot over head door. IMO if you park riding lawn mowers, motorcycles, etc. it should have the same fire protection as a standard garage. How is this handled in your area?


It is the same around here, Randy.

And I think, as you do, that it should have the same fire protection as a garage. And I used to recommend that as an upgrade.

Some heeded the warning and some were just glad to get into their home.

[PRIVATE GARAGE]. A building or portion of a building in which motor vehicles used by the tenants of the building or buildings on the premises are stored or kept, without provisions for repairing or servicing such vehicles for profit. Per IBC

In my area it depends on which jurisdiction it’s in. Regardless I always recommend fire separation between this room and living area. IMO the odds of a fire starting in a John Deere room is equal to or greater than in an attached garage. I also tell clients that drywall will also help control odors from gas, lawn mowing equipment, etc.

Garage means a building, shed or enclosure, or a part thereof, in which a motor vehicle is stored, housed, repaired or kept. … Garage means a structure used for storing motorized vehicles that has any more than 2 sides completely enclosed.

The key word in Bold. If it has a motor, it is a motor vehicle.

Yeap, I agree…

Yep, it should be noted.
I agree with you 100%
There’s fuel in there.

I wouldnt put my kid in that mess let alone my John Deere :rofl: :grin: :cowboy_hat_face: