Join me in wishing CMI Russell Spriggs happy birthday. Member for 15 years.

Happy birthday Russell.

Thanks, Nick (or whoever is handling the nom de plume!)!!
Never thought I’d see 65. Amazing that this amount of time has passed.
I was in Colorado, you were still in PA.
NACHI was the UnterHund, according to those who wanted to wanted A–I to be the only recognized, official Inspection Organization in Colorado, effectively banning us.
Didn’t quite work out the way they’d planned . . .
There has always been the deepest respect for you and NACHI here, Nick & Crew -
Blessings . . .

Happy Birthday Old Man!!!

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Russell, glad to see you come around once and a while

Happy Birthday Russ!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Russell! All the best!


Happy Birthday Russell!!!

Yep, and I see you’ve got “Sr” hanging on your name these days, Greg! You were one of the ones I was watching & studying from before I had the stones to start posting back then - Thanks!

Mark, you really have a challenge, being so verbose;-). No one could imitate you! Glad to hear your diatribe . . . .:smiley:

Dominic, thanks; You are the amazing one, doing so much for so many in this industry. Know that you have made the world a better place!

Hppy Birthday, Russell. :smiley:

You still using 2 tin cans and a string for internet access? :shock: :mrgreen:

Good Gosh, no, Larry!
That’s SO old-fashioned.
I switched over to that fancy fishing line - Spiderwire - Ages ago!

Really, it was that or inserting the small note into the bullet that you developed.

It is nice to see you both still around and kicking. I hope you’re both well. :smiley:

Happy Birthday Russell !

Happy birthday Russell.

Hey. Jim, Gary -
Good to see you!

Hope the party is still going old timer. Have your sample reports from early HIP days around here somewhere. Pretty sure it’s done with hieroglyphics.