Junk pile

We are leaving a pile of junk on our property (away from the house) because the buyers asked us to rent a dumpster for a month to remove anything we left behind. Will we still pass the home inspection (VA/FHA)

I think you need to take out your own trash and not dump it on the buyers to deal with it! If I am the inspector of your home, I report on all things that affect the home, including piles of trash at the exterior. Rodents, insects, critters of all kinds (skunks, oppossum, porcupine, etc.) love trash piles. It’s your garbage, own it!

Ps… I’m sure the request for a dumpster was the buyers trying to be nice, knowing that sellers usually leave a bunch of junk in a home after moving out. They don’t want to clean your mess, let alone pay for a dumpster to haul your crap away either!