Just A Little Moisture?

Take a look at this beautiful cellar from Saturday. 2x4 floor joist and a Lot of Moisture.

Wow! 2x4? What was that supporting?

A spa. :flushed:

That is dangerous!..2x4 on 2 foot centers?

That’s some real nasty stuff there. :open_mouth:

The living room and dining room. Yes Larry on 24" plus centers.

So much for 40# psf huh! Give it time when they bring in the aquarium. LOL

Would not want to be in the dining room with a big group on Thanksgiving!

Might just do the building a favor. At least they don’t have to fall very far. LOL

No…Stop…You veterans at this I’m Totally surprised…Yep!
Y’all come down here for a while…Y’all ain’t see this type of condition…?
A very nice cheese cellar…Yep!
It really surprises me from a a couple of images y’all got the answers…
That is why I love it here…
We know there is no definitive answer we can provide to the poster from such few images…Nope!

It didn’t look too bad from the exterior.
First time buyer.
In so many words I told her to run, run, run.

You didn’t even tell her it had potential if it got tender loving attention?:rofl:

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This. kind of tender loving attention, Marcel?

Well, better have something thing to pick up the trash and haul it away: :grin: :rofl: :anguished:



Y’all are stupid…Yep!
I could rent that for $900 a month down here…Yep!

Then, YOU would fall through the floor, Roy! :joy: And, what would you do with your other house? :grin:

Which other house … I own many…Yep!
I wouldn’t give a crap as long as they paid the $900 a month…nope!
Crap! We would… Us rednecks would have a fish fry on it…
And after they were all totally toasted I’d tell them to all go to bed…Yes!:grinning:
Just leave little sister with me to put out the fire…Not!
It is really hard to be a southern man…Hehehe!

PS: Just to clarify this …Lil’ sis would be about 35-40 yo…
Got it!

I would recommend a structural engineer to review it first.:crazy_face:

Y’all are nuts…
I really like the place…yep!!
Dang it ! My wife would never find me out there…nope!
Even with my two girlfriends…

LOL! Joe stop it…
I know what ur doing…yep!

Where is this moist property located…
Man I like it already…
I’m so sorry …Not !