A little moisture damage

From today…not really a need for a description. But repair cost will be ridiculous, not even including the mold remediation that will have to take place. This is an empty builders foreclosure, there is a finished stairwell that leads to the basement which was very ***furry ***with spores.

I did 2 mold inspections today on forclosures that the bank just sold. I do these on a regular basis for an out of state environmental company.

P9110007 (Small).JPG

P9110004 (Small).JPG

P9110006 (Small).JPG

Damn, that’s just a complete demo job there. What a shame.


Did you tell them they have Mold—:D—:-&

Or did they want tests to confirm—:lol:

Flashing issue Brian?------:lol:

That, or they left a little Mexican behind the brick veneer - it’s hot so I imagine he’d be sweatin’ a bit. :mrgreen: :shock: :stuck_out_tongue:

I do this at the request of the banks selling the property. I work as a sub-contractor for a national environmental remediation. They probably charge the bank 3 times what I get. They then hire a local remediation contractor to remove the mold. I just do the initial inspection.
I take 4 air samples(10 minutes each) 10-12 photos and overnight the samples to their lab. Air sample cassettes and overnight shipping cost me about $50. I charge them $300. So that is about $250 for 1 hours work. No report to write. Did 2 today and they were 10 minutes apart from each other. ;):wink:

Way to go brother—!!—:smiley:

Be nice to do them all day long everyday—:cool:

Flashing and diagonal bracing…among others…


Now imagine the damage on the houses that this builder has built that can not be seen. :shock: