Just a little on home owners opinions about HI orgs.

Roy, I love you dude, but you seem to be deluded.

The fact is that none of the Realtors (except for the old timers) and none of the folks that are buying homes give a rats *** as to which org. you belong to.

It is all internet and refurals nowdays. I am out of the biz (for now), but I can tell you that most all of my biz was from refuralls and my web site. It is mostly a waste of time here in the Old Pueblo to bother with advertising and such. The old dogs get the biz and the rest lose there ***.

I still get 6-10 calls a week even in this crap market and as of 6/6/07 I reffer them all to a HI that I trust and is in dire need of help.

Dan and smoke? No way.

No smoke… just breaking #s of views and replys:twisted: :twisted:

Dan, good idea. See next to last benefit in www.nachi.org/benefits.htm list. Thanks for the tip!

:smiley: :smiley: or should it be :roll: :roll: ???

There are four P’s in those three words.

Indeed it does.

I’m not following that. People deserve homes? That certainly could explain all the foreclosures that I’m doing where the house and everything in it have been damaged or destroyed. Those people thought they deserved their homes, so when the mortgage company took them back, they took out their vengeance on the home. Poor home.

I guess that is one of the dificulities of your area.
I only know of one home foreclosure in my area in the last few years.
I have never inspected a foreclosure.
I wonder should the mortgage companies not take the responisbility for all these foreclosures and they are getting exactly what they deserve in many cases for allowing people to buy a home far more then they can pay for.

You crack me up! LMFAO!\:D/