Just got HG

yes sir I seen that. Its just finding the time now to work it out the way I like it

I recommend going up to Asheville for one of HG’s classes that they have on occasion. You get to meet the staff and the classes are great way to get comfortable with the software with hands on training. You also get to take a mini vacation to a great place and write the trip off as a legitimate business expense.

I think this guy may make the switch. Unbelieveable!!! :p:p

Bobtard HG.jpg

Alright Roy, keep us posted with updates and comparisons of the different softwares!

It there a way to transfer my comments from HIP to HG?
Still waiting for my license.

Still afraid to challenge me Linas ?

We can live duel in a speed test anytime .
Not talking about running either dough boy so man up and lets do it as you think you are Mr Mobile.

I don’t play games Bobtard.

Bobtard HG Switch.jpg

Got the license.

Does every thread have to turn into this? Merry Christmas.

History repeating itself.

What report writing software have you been using until now?

HIP for a year.

So somebody has wised up ! me too !


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