And then we all see some basements that have mold and-or efflorescence on inside wall

This lady already re-graded, soil was up 5 bricks above basement wall sloped away, long downspout ext’s… in fact the entire front lot is pitched UP and slopes towards the street… real good (this wall is her front wall) continued to leak

So now what, install an interior system with PRETTY new drain tiles and a sump pump? Really?
Hell no! That would not seal the existing exterior cracks and cracked parging on the outside of the wall and so it wouldn’t STOP further water from entering.

What, re-grade again? Keep coughing up hundreds or thousands to a fkg landscaper? huh?
What, slap Drylok on the inside walls? Shit, some are out there still on M Jackson’s NEVERLAND ranch, la la land.

The fkkg building CODES are part of the problem.
Foundation walls should have vertical and horizontal reinforcing rods in all of em, all should be waterproofed, not damproofed but waterproofed on the outside and should be backfilled with all gravel, sand would be next choice, sand not for me.

So when they’re sitting there deciding wtf TA do, add, change with duh codes on this-subject, they never seen to get to what would be best for homeowners, ya dig