After what happened to Will Decker...

this morning, having had his tools stolen, I have decided to go ahead and compile a list of all the pawn shops and tool shops, and home inspectors statewide email address’s, so if this should happen to me, I can instantly put the info, descriptions and serial and model numbers out, so the thieves will have a hard time selling my tools. As a bonus maybe get them arrested.

What about Ebay? Any distishing marks on your tools that you would recognize in a photo?

Good idea Paul also take photos of tools for identification. Will ebay let you do this, if you are not actually selling items?

Actually, I was thinking Will D. , or any one else who had tools stolen like that, should watch Ebay ib addition to the pawn shops, inspector boards, etc. The theif may try to sell them on Ebay but if there were not distishing marks on them, how you know the tool you saw on Ebay was yours?

BCAM comes with a registered serial number.
The case has the number, as well as the inner circuits.
The pictures produced have a fingerprint hidden them as well.

Did someone say that the charger was not available for theft?!

How are they going to run that thing without that charger, which has a unique plug?

I think everyone should have an alarm on their vehicle…low cost investment that is a good investment.

They can buy another charger.

Found uot, from my insurance company, that without a special rider, their maximum libility is only $2,500.00. If I wanted the tools insured for full value, I would need a rider on my home owners policy that costs about $75.00 per year.

BTW: The camera’s serial number is 278000699, in case anyone sees it.

Thanks, all you guys. Really.:smiley:

BTW, BTW. Had to turn down 3 jobs today. They specifically wanted the camera (ons regular inspection and two water intrusion inspections). $1050 lost.

This is a good example for you guys wondering if people will want
a thermal imaging inspection from you after you buy an IR camera.

Once they see you have the IR technology, they don’t want anything else.

Bingo, I activate mine every night.

Will, happened to me too about 3 months ago. My insurance was limited to just $1000.00:( . Live and learn I guess. Good luck!

My sympaties. Did they get your thermal camera?

Back in my two way radio days I insured all my test equipment and inventory

When it was in the van for a service call or delivering to a client it exceeded the value of the van many time

Insurance solution was a cheap rider call “Off premise business equipment”

No claims for over 30 years

Right now I do the self insure bit – No IR camera

And the vehicle alarm is on ever time it is not running


Thanks Will. Didn’t have a therm camera but I lost my truck, all my HI tools, plus I was pulling my landscape trailer. Two business shut down at the blink of an eye. About a week later my truck was recovered minus everything else. I’ve pieced things back together and am up and running again. Best of luck to you!

Sorry to hear that. Now I am kinda glad that I only lost my tools. :shock:

There is a bright side to everything, I guess. :mrgreen:

Will…dont turn them away…Linas said you could maybe rent his for the day I think…he said that somewhere that he had one and is in your area.

Re: Greate Morning … NOT!
Give me a call. I have a BCAM if needed.

Linas Dapkus
Lockport,Il. 60441