Just passed NM protered test here. Now what?

What does Internashi give me/us to prove we took the proctored version, as the proctored and unproctored test cert look the same. Need to send packet in ASAP


Oh my. Good luck NM.


V, you are not ready to work in any industry that requires written communication. Please do not become a home inspector. This is not for you. Bless your heart.


Ask ASHI about it… … …


Well said! I worked in this region for years after moving there from Chicago. Unfortunately the quality of work will not vest the best work, the cheap price will.

This work is best suited to one that can communicate clearly.

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Why? They don’t read the report. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good one !!

thanks for the help douche bag Keep your douche bag comments to your self

thanks for the help douche bag. Keep your internet douche bag comments to your self. STFU

Yup I left New Mexico a few years back because this is the education of the state. Best of luck to you eh ho le. Are you all mad or what?

Way to introduce yourself. Good luck… :roll_eyes:


Simmer down now honey.
Try to communicate & spell English correctly.
Try to take criticism you so richly deserve… … …


You are quite welcome, Victor. Please allow me to help you out some more.

  1. Capitalize the first letter in a sentence.
  2. Add a comma after the word “help”.
  3. Douchebag is one word.
  4. Add a period after the word “douchebag”.
  5. Douchebag is still one word.
  6. Yourself is one word.
  7. Add a period after a sentence.

Like this:

Thanks for the help, douchebag. Keep your douchebag comments to yourself.

In 14 words you managed 7 grammatical errors. Bless your heart.

Victor, the reason that I sent you a snarky response is that your question was lazy and casual, and riddled with misspelled words. It reads like a drunken tweet. Home inspection is a profession, not a social club, and you insult every member of INTERNACHI when you treat us as such.

However, it was remiss of me not to congratulate you on passing an exam; Well done, sir. Alas, I will reiterate that you are not ready for a career that relies so heavily on written communication. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings.