Just Passed the NHIE- My experience

About one hour ago I sat for, and thankfully passed, my National Home Inspector Examination.
The scoring system used to grade the test is scaled between 200-800. A score above a 500 is required to pass. I scored a 647.

Background on me: I worked in the HVAC controls field about 15 years ago and since that time serve as a Facilities Manager for a school district. My limited background in construction probably had minimal impact on my passing.
About 2 months ago I attended a Home Inspection Training Institute in Canton,Ohio (Homespection Training Institute). It is an 80-Hour, hands-on class that includes actual home inspections as part of it’s curriculum.
I also joined InterNachi shortly before that time. With Internachi, I worked through all of their pre-licensure classes, passed their certification exam, and worked through all of my continuing educations classes with them.
The additional things I did to prepare for the NHIE included using the 2000 practice test questions provided by InterNachi AND purchasing the 2 study guides available on the National Home Inspection Exam website. The 2000 practice questions on InterNachi were helpful. The two study guides purchased through NHIE were only moderately helpful. My biggest beef is that there were a significant number of questions on my exam that had content NOT covered in those two study guides available through NHIE. Conversely, I studied a lot of things in those textbooks that, although is good information for me to know in this field, the test never touched upon, even remotely.
I guess my biggest piece of advice for anyone who is going to take this test is to use MULTIPLE resources to prepare for this test. InterNachi, The International Building Code, any schooling that you can, any background experience you can lean on, and possibly, but not necessarily, the NHIE study guides. I made a computerized list of flashcards using the Brainscape App that I drilled on over and over, almost like a video game that I played continually.
The usual advice for testing is applicable here of course, too. Read slowly, take your time. I took 2.5 hours of the allotted 4 hour time limit. I found the test to be moderately difficult, but not horribly difficult.
There were a few questions, less than a handful, that involved identifying things in photographs, where I personally, had a hard time making out the photo.
It’s doable. Again, I have a slight construction background which helped some but not nearly to the degree that my bookwork studying helped.
Thank you to InterNachi for the wealth of information that was a huge factor in my success.


Congrats!!! Happy Inspecting !!!


Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience.


Congratulations and thank you for the info!! There is not a National Exam requirement here in Hawaii, but I have been studying and planning for taking the exam in the next couple months. Great info!



Congratulations! You have done well, Steve! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Congratulations, Steve, well done. :+1:


Are your NHIE study manuals for sale?

Do you have a link to your brainscape flash cards? I take my test on July 7th.

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I would appreciate as well.

I’m going to hang on to my manuals for future reference material. I’d be glad to share the flashcards I made with you. Just email me at stevewolfe@acuityhomeinspection2021.com.

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I would like a link to the Brainscape Flash cards as well!

I failed my NHIE Exam last month and I’m reading over the NHIE book while taking notes so I can be more prepared the second time around.