Just Starting Out.

I wanted to do a formal hello, and to say that I look forward to what Internachi and the members have to offer and share. Let me say in advamce, Thank You.

Hi Jason and welcome.
Some members will share others will offer and others will weeell lets say you better have your big girl panties on. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Welcome Jason. Have fun here and good luck out there.

Jason, you are in Mississippi I see. Our free, online courses are approved for both home inspectors and real estate agents in Mississippi. See www.nachi.org/mississippi

Welcome! I can tell you from experience, NACHI is the best place to be

Welcome Jason.

Thank You. I have already taken everything required for Mississippi’s Pre Licensing requirements. I do have one question, in another thread you list the steps to follow. The first was join Internachi, second was to incorporate. Third was obtain certification. Why would one incorporate before obtaining the needed certifications?