Just topped the 100 RSVP mark for Toronto International Inspector Success meeting.


So 11+ speakers in 3.5 hours. As it’s advertised:

“Sit back, buckle up, and hang on. This one is going to be a fast one!”
*So who’s the fast one on, Nick? Sounds like a great **sales *seminar with not that much training.

Looks like one fantastic meeting.

I’m jealous. I’d love to attend one of those seminars.

I have attended many seminars across the nation hosted by NACHI and other Associations and I have had the pleasure of hearing three of the “non affiliated” speakers that you have listed.

From past experience I can say that the people who attend {no matter what association they do or do not belong to} will not be disappointed.

Providing a Free Convention and Free Educational seminars is just one more example of the many, many Free benefits that NACHI provides not only to it’s members but to the Home Inspection industry.

KUDOS to you Sir!.. and…Keep up the Good Work!:nachi: :nachi:

Brian writes


Uh, yeah, of course… “sales” is part of success. It’s a “success” seminar, not a technical training seminar. Read it again slower www.nachi.org/toronto2008.htm And your right, it is going to be as you said… “Great.”