Just when you thought you had seen it all!

This from a GTA realtor, can you say manipulate?


Nice…wonder what % commission he’s taking !

Welcome Domenico to the MB.

One Real Estate here I am working with gets 6%:shock:
Average home here is $145000 that is $8700.00 in his pocket.
My price for inspecting 400+HST:roll:

It is such a farce the real estate industry!

Hey guy,s and girls…
Newbie here,just startin out …
man my head hurts so much to take in

Welcome Paul start out slow or your head will explode Like Weird Al Yankovic on Spy Hard!
If you have not seen it his head explodes at the first of the movie. LOL

Welcome Paul, please go to your control panel and let us know where you are from and some other relevant info. There are situations where info that you may ask for may be region specific.

Kevin, doesn’t that 6% usually get split between 2 sides, and then diluted further by brokers?

That’s how it works in Vero Beach and Sebastian, FL.

Thanks Kevin !! My apologies for the slow response.
Here in QC…it is 5%…I saw 7% when I sold my home 12 years ago…


Sorry for the slow response I am still trying to get caught up from the holidays Pete

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