Justice Served

For those that were ignored the info will not remain secret. This should serve as a warning for any under the table deals or scams set forth by those who feel a life is worth little.
I have also made it quite clear that this individual is not in any way related to me or my family. I would have reported this issue if I was performing the inspection ASAP.

Mall collapse report won’t be kept secret

Monday, July 28, 2014 by: SooToday.com Staff


The Canadian Press is reporting that former Sault Ste. Marie engineer Robert Wood has been denied his request to have portions of a report on the fatal 2012 Elliot Lake mall collapse kept secret.
A commission of inquiry into the collapse at the Algo Centre Mall wrapped up in October, 2013.
Wood, formerly of M.R. Wright and Associates, testified at the inquiry and was later criminally charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing death and one count of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.
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