No word about " Holmes Inspection "

Calling all " Certified Master Inspectors "

Looking to open up discussion on this new two-year program introduced in the Sault College, Sault Ste Marie Ontario.
If you want confidentiality I will not display info on any site.
I am having trouble finding out who is behind the seen for this schooling. I still am listed as the teacher for “Carson Dunlop” Home Inspection in Sault Ste Marie but cannot find out any info on the new program accept what was put in the paper.
It was closed to the public and me as instructor for the 1-year program and certification. That means no one is going to tell me who this new instructor will be.
Can any of you find out and get back to me?:mad:

Maybe you could post their web address and we could than ask for the course content to find out what they are presenting. As a prospective student you would want to know this and the instructor quals.

The sight on Sault College home page has a click on for registration.
I can’t click on it but you can.
Give me details and I will explain why.:slight_smile:

Why not just call the department at the College? It is public knowledge as a pamphlet with all the course content was distributed to the people who attended the announcement at the College - you should have attended and all your questions would have been answered and you would not have to rely on others to get this information for you. It would have been very easy to get an invite with a some effort on your part or is there some reason we don’t know about that did not allow you to attend? You did say you were an instructor at the College so I don’t understand the cloak and dagger approach to getting this information.

I was not invited and the doors were closed to the public. Only those invited were able to be there. Mike Holmes has already created a problem. There is no “Home Inspection” schooling available at Sault College until September 2011. The one he is indorsing has nothing to do with InterNachi and nothing to do with ASHI or CAPHI
What he proposes is to have a group work for him doing inspections from any organization for 50% of the profit. This is not ethical and is against all I know in any association.
Sometimes actions by one man can make it “not right”:mad:
PS: I have called the Sault College and all they told me is 18 will sign up for this course. The one for “Carson Dunlop” Home Inspection has been cancelled that was my position.People are calling me now to find out why.
What am I to say little Mike wins? Not in my hometown.