Kansas Rules and Regulations meeting in Topeka on April 17, 2009.

So, Nick. Are you going? This is the third meeting.

What for? This from the link I posted:

I suggest you “click here to read notice of hearing” and read it. It is a public hearing. I guess you are not interested. Months ago you stated that the third meeting was going to be the most important. Apperantly, the wellfare of the Kansas home inspectors means nothing to you. I am sorry. James is rubbing off on me.


I would also like everyone’s opinion on the “proposed” rules and regulations. Go to Nick’s link above, and click on the “rules and regulations” in the bottom right. Every home inspector throughout the nation should read this. It is a great example how special interest groups and governments are taking away our freedoms. Looks like it will be an ASHI test all Kansas home inspectors will be asked to pass. Nick is out, and he does not want to participate. A great example on how he stands with all of us.

Also, would some define the word “psychometrically” sound, as the new rules state that “as evidenced by documented evaluation of the examination by an independent orginization.”

I am quite sure that Mr. Barnes did not come up with that. Who did.

The meeting is closed to public participation. I don’t have to go there to learn what they did without public participation.

Where does it say Closed ?

A public hearing will be conducted at 1:00 pm on April 17, 2009 in the Basement
Auditorium of the Docking State Office Building located at 915 S.W. Harrison, Topeka, Kansas
to consider the adoption of the following proposed regulations as permanent regulations of the
Kansas Home Inspectors Registration Board. This 60-day notice of the public hearing
constitutes a public comment period for the purpose of receiving written public comments on the
proposed rules and regulations. All interested parties may submit written comments to the
Kansas Home Inspection Registration Board, 610 Rivera, Mulvane, KS 67110. Written
comments must be received at or prior to the hearing. All interested parties will be given a
reasonable opportunity to present their views orally on the adoption of the proposed regulations
during the hearing. In order to give all parties an opportunity to present their views, it may be
necessary to request that each participant limit any oral presentation to five minutes. A summary
of the proposed regulations and their economic impact follows:

Paul, where do you see that?

Right at the end of the very first paragraph

Click here to view the Notice of Hearing

See ya there.


Beer on me.

Thanks Paul for getting the word to Nick. I guess he did not listen to my post. Again, click the links on that site on the right. Read the financials and the rules. Very frustrating. I hope that you, Nick, will also read them. I will definitly be there. I have also forwarded the site to Senator Brownlee in the hopes she might attend.

VERY cool!!!:slight_smile:

Another opportunity to have your voice heard and stop the bill from returning from the legislature has become available.

A 186 million dollar shortfall this year…and a project 1 billion dollar shortfall in 2010, has the governor looking to cut costs at every opportunity.

Why not start with the most stupid piece of legislation ever passed by a state congress?

Here we go, James. I heard this yesterday. Missouri real estate offices are “training” other real estate agents in the same office to perform home inspections. They are all gearing up for the new legislation. What ever this means. Also they will be able to perform inspections in Kansas, and not under Kansas laws. So, when I live in Kansas, I have to perform inspections under Kansas laws. But, if I lived in Missouri, from a Missouri RE office, I will not be bound by Kansas laws. So, Kansas home inspectors will be doing Missouri inspections, and Missouri inspectors will be doing Kansas inspections. Which SOP’s? What rules? What a mess. I bet over 80% of all agents in both states have no idea what is going on with regards to the home inspectors laws in our states. I think the lawyers are just writing this stuff up just waiting to make fortunes in litigations.

Where did you hear that, Gary? What a train-wreck this would be…

Go to Nicks #1 Post on this topic. Open the link and when out on the Kansas Inspectors page start opening some of the links there and I think you’ll find some interesting tidbits ON the NEW proposed RULES that will make you wonder WHO has been the one writing them.