Keep an eye on your drone!

Found this story and thought you giys would enjoy reading it. Its a news story about a volunteer group looking for a lost dog using a drone when a guy literally shoots it down with a shotgun!

“Suffolk County Police have arrested a man for shooting a drone out of the air in Saint James yesterday.” from Suffolk County Police - Headquarters : Nixle](


I thought the goverment took all of the private citizens guns?

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Yes , its a good story. But the should have to take all private guns from the citizens.

We had this happen a few years ago in Florida. If I remember correctly someone was flying a drone through the backyard of one of their neighbors and the guy got annoyed and shot it down. Well long story short the owner of the drone sued the homeowner who shot it down in his back yard but since the drone was in the air it was not considered his property. Drone owner won damages. Crazy

its happened in India and we don’t care about it. Our govt. is enough strong to shoot that type of drone once comes in our radar. so we are tension free and doing mobile app development and create lots of mobile apps per day .

Lol they definitely want to