KeepRite AC

Can someone with Preston’s guide look up the age of KeepRite AC ser. # Z1B 1614
Thanks in advance.

Got a model number?

No Marc, sorry. Just a picture :smiley:

Defective AC (WinCE).jpg

Hey, Yuri.

Why are you prejudiced in favor of Preston’s Guide? That’s not like my Canadian friends, to be prejudiced like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, that’s a 1979 unit, and that did not come from Preston’s Guide.

Thank you, Russel. Can you provide source of info? I don’t know any other than Preston’s. Thanks again.

Carson Dunlop $79:00 Canadian This is the one I use .

I gave my Prestons to the Pres Of CAHPI Michael Guihan a long time ago.

See Roy’s post, #6 in the thread.