Structural issues for home inspectors, need more facts

ALL, all, all due respect, not trying to take a dump on 'em, just like to add facts to this

Block walls, exterior cracks, wall (s) bowed in (and leaky basements because of these cracks)…

32:25 mark




37:05-- 38:05 … what are common repairs? 1 answer was, carbon fiber, says, “These work”.
C’mon folks, really?

I did not hear a word about the NEED for exterior waterproofing done and backfilled correctly for ANY of the above!

45:00… says, “Carbon fiber will keep it from moving…”, really? Are you folks serious?

take a look would ya please, 2 short videos, tie backs/wall anchors AND an interior basement drainage system was installed prior to sale of house, dumb, fraudulent crap, the usual!

Buyers still had movement, the basement kept leaking. SEE the HOLES on exterior of wall the wall anchor rods caused… (yeah and the ext-cracks), well these idiots not only did NOT stop water from where it was first-entering into the hollow blocks but they caused more exterior openings in the wall for more water to enter

Same house, other wall, partially dug out,same thing, installing the rods for tie backs, wall anchors CAUSED more ext-openings which then allowed MORE water to enter basement

So nothing about a real need for exterior waterproofing, talked quite a bit about installing beams, wall anchors and carbon fiber and the false claim that they, ‘keep wall from moving’, and some wonder why i keep slapping videos etc up, well hello!

Glueing carbon fiber straps or wall anchors or beams and installing an interior drainage system NEVER removes, reduces any lateral pressure (s) acting upon these walls and they do not STOP water from entering through the exterior cracks, cracked parging in these walls

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