Kickout flashing required?

Warning student: I’m looking at this metal roof and I see where the roof meets the stucco wall has a gap. This looks like a great place for water to get into the house. is this an area where a kick out flashing would be recommended considering the flashing already present that attempts to direct water away from the wall? would you recommend installing a kick out flashing or would you just recommend sealing up the gap?

First pic inverted

Unorthodox way of flashing a metal roof, but considering rain driven by wind and an entry point in the envelop, I would say yes. :slight_smile:

I would say yes, always want to see a kickout flashing as to keep the rain driven water away from the interior parts of the wall. This is one place water can get into easy is the ends of the roof.

Kick out flashing diagram.jpg

only for those that aren’t intimidated or think themselves superior to code

Needs both, sealant and kickout, then sealant again. That is an open void in the stucco and is leaking now onto the lath and water barrier. Good catch.