Kickout flashing

This is the link to Nachi’s kickout flashing article.

In it, it says this:

Can I get documentation stipulating that the kickout flashing is required? I know it’s best practice, but in which edition of the IRC/IBC does it stipulate this? And/or, are we talking about roofing mfg requirements? If this is the case, can I get documentation on it?

You will most likely find those requirements in the manufacturer’s installation recommendations for the siding or roofing that is used. Building codes usually defer to these instead of specifically stating in the code.


I make recommendations for kick out flashings when drainage from adjacent roof washes across a wall.

I don’t think the IRC/IBC address “Kick-out” flashing specifically. I believe it states that flashings must be installed adequately (or, in a fashion) to prevent water entry into the building envelope.

I also report like Mike recommends.

From code check, '09 IRC.

Sidewall step flashing min 4 in. high & 4 in. wide - 905.2.8.3

Sidewall flashing must terminate in kickout flashing - 905.2.8.3 (exception to new code change)

Flashing required to prevent moisture entry to roof and walls - 903.2

I hope no one here is citing code without being an AHJ.:wink:

Not at all. William ask for a code reference, I gave him one. :wink:

Thanks, Chris.

903.2.1 Locations

Thanks Chris.
The reason I was asking is because we have different article written by NACHI which are great, however, there aren’t always references (as in this case) to prove that something is “required”.

I did a phase inspection a week ago and pointed out the lack of kickout flashing out of habit, unfortunately, the city code the builder is abiding by is the IBC 2006 which does not include any language that says anything about diverting water away from the structure onto either the roof or the gutter.

Another builder confidently doing the bare minimum (“to code”) as his saturated creation rots into oblivion. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand Will.

Are you not offering your opinion during a phase inspection?

I am and I did, then the buyers came back to me asking if I had any documentation to prove why I would call out lack of kickout flashing. So I did with multiple references from different IRC editions and told them the potential consequences of not having one.
However, I also told them that the builder is unfortunately correct in that city code by which he abides does not require them under the 2006 IBC.

As you know, a phase inspection is a different animal from a regular home inspection.
Each city in my area adopted a different code from a different edition, which I need to know as in order to do my job. My reports will always reflect the best standards of practice, and every now and then the builder will repair accordingly, but sometimes the buyers comes back and tell me the builder won’t do anything because they are following code and the buyers want to make sure the info is correct.

Thank you Will.

Code knowledge is fine but you are being paid for your opinions.

When I call out lack of kick outs i simply include a descriptive diagram that explains the action of water washing down a wall and into an outside corner.

Which is what I did too :smiley:

I know this is a couple months old, but I’m currently in a bit of an email argument over kickout flashing on a home with vinyl siding. It really doesn’t matter what year the house is built around my area, the contractors rarely, if ever, install either kick-out or diverter flashing. Specifically I have a contractor claiming it was not required in 2007 when the house in question was built but he does say the requirement has changed since then. So I am looking up specific references and I have come across these two:

So the 2012 version adds the line in the roof flashing section which clearly makes kickout or diverter flashing a requirement, that’s the change the contractor is most likely speaking of since it was not present in earlier versions. My issue is with the 2000 version and perhaps even earlier versions which state in the exterior section:

Without diverter or kickout flashing, this requirement cannot possibly be met. Water coming down a roof/wall connection can follow the step flashing and go right into the wall. Step flashing does not extend to the surface of the wall finish, so by itself it isn’t enough and this requirement has been around since at least 2000.

Before anyone gets cocky and starts ranting about not being a code inspector or interpreting codes, I am just presenting this for discussion. Common sense tells you water must always be directed out of the wall, it’s the basic theory of just about every component on the exterior of a house. How can a builder see this requirement for flashing to extend to the surface and think that some form of kickout or diverter flashing is not needed? Am I wrong, or do you think this statement in the IRC exterior section isn’t enough to clarify the need for kickout or diverter flashing?

Earlier discussion with good comments and pics.

Here you go pages 25-26. This is installation from 2004
this page 25. It’s the same but updated.
In either case, what is required for sure is a diverter.
I always, no matter what the type of siding, call out the lack of kickout flashing. It’s pure common sense that unfortunately, not many builders have. It would save them a hole lot of headaches if they just installed them all the time.

But Mr. home inspector we did our job we put in a kickout flashing.

yea right
it’s either this or the home owner has gone up and “trimmed” the “ugly metal thing”:smiley:

before y’all get yer britches in a wad over these & go pattin’ yourselves on the back for identifying/reporting the absence of the obvious

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