King wall heater recalls?

I have heard of recalls on some King wall heaters. This home concerned me, all have burned paint like this one. Any recall info.?

Sorry pics didn’t load right.




Didn’t find a recall for King on CPSC site

I looked there also, thank you. The way you’ve been assisting me today,I should have sent you a plane ticket. Thanks again.:slight_smile:

Does it rain there?

We can’t seem to find Spring and it’s raining and 44 deg right now.

Is that really burned paint, or just cooked on dust?

It is burned paint.

Won’t help to come here. tues. was 60. This morning it was spitting snow. I am right on the soutern coast. normally it won’t snow at all. Must be global warming.

Here is another Marc.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking:roll:

It was almost 70 here on Tuesday

Being right on the ocean we only get to 70 on the hottest day. My house is 9ft above sea level. That’s based on mean tides.

Boy you’re gonna be in trouble when Al Gore’s 20 ft. sea level rise happens.:roll:

**GOT SNORKEL?:shock: **