Kudos to a home inspector in Orlando....

I found this on the Planet Realtor webpage.

No Inspection? You’ll Regret It
My wife and I sell a lot of new construction in Orlando. We recommend that each buyer have the home inspected by an independent inspector just before closing, and we insist that the builder have the utilities turned on for the inspection. It amazes me how some buyers ignore this advice and rely solely on the builder. [Search “Orlando Sentinel study of new home construction defects” on Planet Realtor.]
When I had my home built, I paid $350 for an independent inspection. They found a problem that the builder missed, which likely would’ve led to a leaky roof. Money well spent, if you ask me.
**Tim Hagan, CRP
**Southern Realty Enterprises

Kudos to the inspector. Was it a NACHI inspector? If so, step up to the plate and accept your award. \:D/