L’Inspection des Clôtures Électriques

L’Inspection des Clôtures Électriques

Thank you, very good article! merci très bon article sur les clôtures électriques et les dangers qui y sont reliés.

As usual, Nick “the man” is getting a real grip on the Québec Scene. Bravo Nick and we’ll see you here real soon!


BTW, we really don’t need any “feedback” from ALL CAPS!

Just a thought!


I’m really amazed at how much traffic these French articles command. They get so many consumer hits.

That is because Quebec has been lost for years in the Home Inspection Industry.
It still has a ways to go but at least there is progress.
I would say more but best to have a wait and see attitude.

The approach of separating a populous by hate has worked in third world counties to a point of wars. Illegally banning a language or making a law that other must be smaller is the seeds and falsehoods that keep advancement from taking place.
Its a sad state of affairs when langue police are used to keep out English but yet the populous peer in the largest English home inspection association message board to see what home inspection regulations are all about.

I see our spokes person helped with racism. :roll:

You figure it out. Over 3 decades of lies. Pure Lies.
From the richest province in the mid seventies to the poorest province in Canada in three decades** with hate ** of 6 percent of the populations langue as the tool.

Geeees Louise for the life of me I hope the next election spells the end of this nonsense.

Nick. The AIBQ , PHPIC AND INIAB have done what?

Mr. Larin. You wish a campaign I will offer you one in spades.
you are a bit of a man sir.
get ready for reality.
let me position a good narrative on you :wink: I will insure you are heard loud and clear. OK:cool:

Seeing that InterNACHI has been here 3 years G. Larin you have offered your Quebec member a welcome hand at offer zero information.
Yes the spokes person for Quebec after an Ontario member told you the thread had 4,000 plus hits and you said is was not public. HA HA HA HA HA HA A
with another Quebec member shining a light …well how do you even describe you , inflated, hot air and contempt for Islamic peoples and fellow InterNACHI members that ask you to remove the ilk of hate…yes the great G. Larin.


I see the PHPIC is done such a great job at informing Quebec? HA HA HA AH

Maybe you wish to tell my Islamic friends how you feel about them? I am sure they know.

Shall I get the post from you?

the progress it is getting from who? or should I say whom?

A home inspector here six years.:stuck_out_tongue:
Has done little to nothing in Quebec on InterNACHI and could have.
HIS A CHAPTER WITH NO MEMBERS after 6 years and believes what he envisions in his mind as fact but has been educated with the realty of the subject.

Read Nicks words below G.
I’m really amazed at how much traffic these French articles command. They get so many consumer hits.
I see you helped so much. HA HA HA HA HA HA

I asked you three years ago for some help and now you use my idea to position yourself in front of the regulatory body. HA HA HA HA
An English man in Quebec.

You just summed up the hypocritical mindset you ware so proudly.

CAPPIE is crying again, time for his pacifier…:roll:


Marcel I want you to think about how many view this thread and than ask you, Gilles and Robert to stop.

Just enlightening the marketplace.

Thanks Kevin.

That is why I asked any one concerned to drop in and voice an opinion…

I will move along and pursue other avenues of recourse.
As expressed I am all for the effort.

Lets see some real transparency here and a story being told wathout racist comments and smoke and mirrors.

The message board in one thing

All the best.
Mr. Jeffrey again thank you.

James Bushart
If they only know what they had.
Too bad.
So sad.

Ah yes, the old PACIFIER trick…


I will stop responding when CAPPIE’s effluent does!

I thought you liked G?

Now I might be mistaken but I was listening to a rural show and they mention of electrical fences are to be or banned as of 2014 in Quebec.

Maintenant, je peux me tromper, mais j’ai écouté une émission rural et la mention de clôtures électriques doivent être ou interdits à partir de 2014 au Québec.

Any takers?

Oh no…does that mean you Quebecois will be able to escape to the rest of the country???:wink: