labeling valves

where can I get the labels at that I can place on the main shut off valves for places like the gas and water valves.

some guys punch a hole in their business card and write on the back, then zip tie it in place. Other than that try a local print shop.

Xpress tags have a good selection…

I had them made up exactly like Mike said. They look very similar to a business card but at the bottom they say “water shut off location” or “gas shut off location”. I use small zip ties to put them on.

I get some Avery labels and just print them out with my printer.

Here is mine from another thread.

good, thanks for the help and ideas

While I am sure it is done in the name of customer service and marketing, just what gives you the right to attach labels to anything in the house? Your client doesn’t own it. You don’t own it. If you want to use them for marketing, give them as a small packet to your client. They can attach them when they take possession, and when they read your report, or you show them, they will know where to put them. The property should be left in the exact same condition as when you arrived.

good point Stephen but I have just heard homebuyers appreciate the extra effort and I thought it would be a good idea for me when I get started. But your right who knows if they would even buy the house and who knows who the next inspector will be.

I do agree here, many times a well inspector puts a sticker on the pressure tank, ive seen inspector stickers on water heaters, furnaces, inside electrical panels, etc…I don’t personally label anything, I photo main shut offs etc… put it in the report.

I have heard many home owners complain about this tactic (affixing labels in their home). YMMV. Although a string or zip tie can easily be cut, a sticker is a pain in the butt.

nachi sells them