Labels on Wiring in the Panel

What are some of your thoughts on these labels on the wiring in the panel. They used the sheathing off of the Romex for the labels. I have seen it 2x so far and have recommended the labels be removed for safetey reasons as the sheathing should be removed once the wiring enters the panel.


I Have Seen It Often
I Do Not Think It Would Cause Any Concerns
Most Panels Are Not Even Labeled

Daniel, there is NO requirement that the sheathing be removed. You can leave it as long as you want. Doing neat work tells us differently. There is also NO safety concern with these, and absolutely no need to flag IMO.

I do this myself when panels are flush and you cannot see the cables entering the box. Only I put the labels where the cables enter, not near the breaker.
That is what panel directories are for.

I also do this, and I leave them near the breakers. On new construstion the cover is stored so it doesn’t get damaged, drywall spray, painted, etc… Easy way for all other subs to know what is where. I’ve aslo added wiring to existing boxes and label my wire this way and on the cover too. Most covers around here have miss labeled or no labeling.

It is done often and makes it a whole lot easier when it comes time to actually label the panel covers. I see no problem with it.

Personally…and this is just MY opinion…I find it rather sloppy.

I label the lines like this when doing the rough in but when finishing out the panel I transfer these label locations to the enclosure ledger in a neat manner and remove the sleeves on the wire.

Granted the only real problem i have is IF someone put the scrap romex sleeves on and then never labeled the panel properly…via 408.4 but alas don’t laugh…I have seen it and it had passed final inspection.

How as I said I do this in the early service/ rough stage…but when I go to finish the panel out…I remove them as I trasfer them to the ledger.

I should have stated this is not new construction. The home is 2 years old and the legend for the panel is clear and accurate according to the labels on the wires when compared to the legend.


other than redundant…it’s fine. I guess some could clammer…it’s combustible…but alas…I have no worries about it other than I don’t like the look of it in my panels.


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This is strictly a personal installation situation. There is no concern for the labeling using the sheathing.
The mention that this passed inspection is not really relevant, as the cover is supposed to be installed for an inspection, and electrical inspectors are not permitted to remove equipment covers during the inspection process.

However, we know VERY well that if the electrician is on the job the AHJ will and can ask the electrician to remove any cover they wish to look behind.

Nope…not really an issue of any concern on the insulation labels…just don’t like the looks of it myself…they are nice to identify the circuits right before you properly label the ledger…other than that I remove them afterwards.

But to each his own…:slight_smile:

Paul, the only reason I think it might be nice to have them still in is, if for instance, the buyer of a new construction home labels the ledger instead of the electrician, and it gets labeled with the following: “Misty’s Bedroom, Joe’s Bathroom, Gym”, etc; instead of SW Bedroom, Hallway Bathroom and Office. Of course, I see that in quite a few houses anyway. I usually recommend they test what a breaker belongs to with the very expensive method of purchasing a portable radio. Turn the radio up and throw breakers until the radio goes out. Beats buying a breaker locator. Any other ideas?

If it is a NEW home the buyer CAN’T label the panel IF an electrician wired it, the NEC states the panel must be labeled before it can pass final inspection and to be honest with you homeowners in general should not be venturing into their panels for the most part.

It is also a violation to label the panel in generics, in other words you have to be specific on the breakers label…can’t say “lights” it must say “Bedroom lights” for example…IF the AHJ is doing their job properly.

Now I have a locator…cost only about 35 bucks…but not needed IF the panel is labeled like it should be in NEW construction…not older construction…

AND…for those that say…what if the homeowner wired the house…well if they are BRIGHT enough to use sleeves to identify the wires…we can assume they are smart enough to label a ledger properly to pass final inspection so the sleeves would be a moot issue.

Paul, you have to understand in a lot of the areas I work, we don’t have an AHJ. Three of the towns I work in have city inspectors, counties have no building codes, etc.

OH yeah I understand…frightens me to DEATH just thinking about it…:slight_smile:

But we have to assume if they are SMART enough to use the labels using ROMEX…they are bright enough to label the panel…don’t you agree…:slight_smile:

I agree with that. IF they were done by a qualified electrician, which most new constructions are, they are done correctly. It is the older homes that we have most of the problems with the labeling on.

Yep…and as the original question was stated…I am talking about NEW construction and was refering more so to the statement about a home of NEW Construction and how they should be labelled.

IN old homes…we label circuits we alter or add and as I believe Marc stated in another post…we try to label the obvious as well…