Panel Inspection Label

How do you guys normally report on breaker panels whose original inspection labels are missing?

I don’t understand what labels you are referring to .

He is most likely talking about the legend for the circuits, but maybe the panel manufacturer’s information label about the panel itself.

Who knows?
Another rabbit hole.

If you’re talking about a panel legend, my comment is “A label identifying individual electrical circuits was (illegible, missing) from the main electrical service panel. The service panel should contain a clearly-marked label identifying individual circuits so that in an emergency, individual circuits can be quickly shut off. The Inspector recommends that a circuit label be installed by a qualified electrical contractor.”
If missing panel mfr label, different comment.

I believe he is asking about a sticker from the local building official stated the panel had passed inspection.

Sounds like he means these:

Who cares if it has a label from the ahj. It changes nothing.

Wouldn’t the sticker indicate that it was permitted and inspected?

Yes! But why does that matter in your inspection ?
Things could have changed since then.

In the same vain, I also do not concern myself with the building permit history.

It might be nice to know but it does not change how I inspect a property.

I agree to a point. While it does not change how I inspect a property, it may change the language I use when describing to the client.

Could you give an example?

Probably the most common one is for generator hook ups. They are very strict up here in regards to generators and permits. In the areas I serve, there are only 3 municipal power suppliers (they do their own inspections) and numerous private power suppliers (inspections performed by State Labor and Industries).

If I see a generator hook up without the label, I will tell the client it was most likely installed without the required permit. (I check online while finishing the report) The fines can be pretty hefty for this issue as can the criminal punishment should someone be harmed / killed. I recommend they have the seller obtain the required permit and have the proper inspections performed.

I apologize. I’m talking about the original inspection sticker dated and signed by the original electrical inspector, certifying the panel and house electrical fit.

Some do not use stickers. My home is 1978 built. No sticker but the original inspection card WAS inside. Not sure if it still is since the cover has been off any number of times over the last 24 years for new projects. Do you suspect the panel was installed without a permit? I don’t know of any power companies that will hook up a service without the proper permits.

Actually found it. It is a 4x6 card and you can see the told scotch tape mark at the top where it was taped to the inside cover door. Luckily I put it inside last time I took the cover off.

Panel Card.jpg

There is no requirement in the IRC for such a sticker. The homeowner also received a CO, but there is no requirement to post it perpetually.

A label of original inspection is irrelevant both because a home owner may come and change things latter and the fact not everything that gets approved is correct. What matters is checking that everything is right during the inspection.

If you have any quams about this panel post a picture and I can help you out if need be.