Lack of aluminum drip edge

The front of the house faces west and the downspout that empties onto the top of the porch roof is also directed west I believe. The best picture I could find of the current front doesn’t show exactly what you are looking for, but it’s something at least…

The room in question is to the far left of the picture and the pictured downspout area is at the back of that corner.

I was able to zoom in on the area in question…


From reading your post and looking at your pictures,this is my best guess without being able to actually look at the house.

The problem started once the gutter system was installed and if you notice where the downspout from the upper level exits on the porch roof it is in the corner of the home that is leaking. weather usually travels west to east, so in this case if a severe storm is travelling to wards the front of your home with high winds, it is possible for the large amount of water that is being dispensed out of the downspout to be blown back against the house and pushed up under the siding. I have seen a few homes in the past with flashing installed incorrectly and having this very problem. it’s my feeling that if it was a drip edge problem as you described, you would notice leaks upstairs also.

Am I seeing an opening at this top course?

click to enlarge

Hey David. What program do you use to add that arrow and words? I think they may have ran the shingles, installed metal and then nailed a shingle on top to cover it up. But the pic is a little hard to see.

Brenda. If I had a pic of one that we have done it would help allot. But don’t have one. So maybe print out what I wrote and show it to the roofer. He probably won’t want to redo it anyway even if it is done wrong. Roofers do things different ways and all like to think their way is right. He might be willing to add a angled diverter if you pressure him a little though.


Thanks David but those are all UK links. Try this instead.