Ladder and SUV

Hi, I am getting ready to start my business this year and I currently have a mid size SUV. Does it work to use a ladder rack with a full extension ladder without having to buy a truck?

Sure, why not.

Up until two years ago, (for about 10 years), my primary vehicle was a Jeep Grand Cherokee (2). I have since added a Ram1500 Quad Cab 4x4 with a full rack due to expanding my Commercial inspection business. I still use the Jeep on many smaller inspections (better mpg).

Note: I carry up to three ladders on the Jeep… 24ft ext., 7ft step, 3ft step.

Depends partially the types of homes are more predominant in your area.

A large percentage of my business here in the San Fernando Valley area is 1-story homes, so I don’t need a huge ladder most of the time (though I own one for the few exceptions).

If I were still living in San Francisco where I grew up, one story homes are rare, and 3 story homes are common, so I would need different ladders and a different vehicle.

I use a 2005 Trailblazer EXT. The ladder rack works nicely, even with my 24 foot extension, but I now have a 22 foot folding ladder that will reach just about anywhere, so I just haul it in the back.

I never liked fooling with securing/unsecuring the ladder from the luggage rack.

It’s getting close to time to trade, I’ll probably go with full size truck extended cab, and use a ladder rack again

Some trucks you need a ladder to get in the truck

Danielle …

I’m in Kansas City, and a lot of the local inspectors drive Chevy HHR’s; Kia Souls; Honda CRV’s; Nissan Rogues; Toyota Camry’s, etc

Fold down rear seat … 12’ Tele-steps or 17’ Little Giant

Big Trucks and Ladder Racks not needed UNLESS you’re in 3-story houses and commercial … Then we exclude OR have lift put us up on roof and charge another $xxxx