Is there a recommendation of what type of vehicle one should get for jobs? Is a car sufficient or does it need to be a suv or truck.

A Truck with a Ladder Rack to support Ladders needed to access the Roofs you need to Inspect…

I started with a Jeep that looked like a Helicopter many years ago with extension ladders on the rack…

I have a Chrysler Town & Country Minivan, a Kia Sedona Van & a Dodge (Commercial) 2500 Van…
Each has its own advantage
Equip each as needed…

A 22 foot folding combination step and extension ladder is about five and half feet long, and will get you into attics and up to one and a half story roofs. It can fit inside most vehicles that have fold down seats. But trucks or vans are the best unless their size is a problem.

Ram C/V is what you need.

Depends on how much you plan to drive. We go about 50,000 miles per year with just our inspection van. A truck with ladders on top, would kill my fuel costs. We go with a Ford Transit Connect, a Ford Fusion marketing and radon monitor chase car and a Isuzu NPR 16 ft box truck for our mold and water damage division. We use a fold up Warner ladder, a spectoscope and a drone with a GO PRO Hero silver camera. Am not carrying or fighting with a ( 24 ft and beyond) ladder at my age and body mileage. I use the technology. You will rarely see a roof leak from the exterior.

Frank did a real nice job with his ride. Sharp!

I’m a van man.

I love my Honda Element. Its a shame they don’t make them anymore.

Frank that is so cool! :cool:

All the tools one needs…Two ladders and a cooler that’ll hold a 12 pack of Bud Light…

Now that’s my kind of inspector! =D>

And Charger colors. :slight_smile:


Roy, are you missing a lug nut on that back right wheel?

The Elements are cool vehicles though

I broke the friggin this off with my impact.
Next time I’m in there I’ll replace it.

bummer. just looking out for you :wink:

I have loved my 2004 Avalanche since I have also used it for general contracting however the time has come to find another ride. I just purchased my wife a 2015 Toyota RAV4 and and seriously looking at buying one for myself.

The largest equipment I carry is a 22’ little giant which has allowed me to pretty much get on any roof although after great study, I hardly ever need it since I purchased a telescoping ladder which collapses down to 3’…that and a set of cougar paws has allowed me to traverse pretty much every roof with very few exceptions…but I digress.

The RAV4 gets 30 + mpg and my little giant fits in it nice along with my telescoping ladder and small step ladder for tight closet scuttle holes.

I will say that its hard to beat my Avalanche in ride and utility…but MPG is very important to me right now.

Ok, that looks awesome. I’ve been looking at transit similar to this, it looks really crisp with your design on it. I really like it.

For a van that looks awesome. I think I know what I’m going to get now. Ladder space has been a concern as well as MPG, most of the trucks I’ve been looking at average 15/20 (that has been worrisome to me). Jeff Belrose, a drone? I like the use of technology.
I’ll be moving to Utah in a few months so I’m holding off buying anything until I’m settled and put in for a good company over there. Thank you for all the input, it has helped narrow down my search tremendously.

How tall is your telescoping ladder? Is the weight comparable to the little giant you lug around?

X-tend and climb pro rated at 16 ft but actually 21ft.