Will I need a truck to run a home inspection business?

I really dont plan on using a ladder at all if I can help it. I hear a lot of people just use a 30 foot pole with a camera attached for roof pictures. What do you guys think? If I need a truck, what is a reliable one between 20k and 30k?

Thanks guys. About to become a member so I can get trained.

That would be a huge mistake. A camera on a poll can’t capture everything, it’s your liability. consider this for inspectors that don’t want to use a truck.


Thanks. Even at 6 feet collapsed, I dont see that fitting into my honda insight. I will probably have to get a truck/pickup. What would you recommend?

How are you gonna access the attic space


How do you plan on getting into attic spaces?

YEP!! I only use my camera pole for roof levels that I cannot safely walk or get to. It’s no fun trying to hold that thing still on high wind days either. …

There are many extendable ladders that are on the market that can fit into smaller vehicles. The one Martin posted is a good start. You may even look into one of these:
Telescoping Ladders, Step Ladders, Extension Ladders | Xtend+Climb Telescoping Ladders | Telescoping Ladders (xtendandclimb.com)

Some guys like other brands or styles, but there are many options for your choosing.


You beat me to it Marc. :wink:

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I have a 2005 Chevy Colorado 4x4 that I use. Large enough bed to hold my ladders and have the crew cab that I put all other tools in the back seat area. Decent gas mileage at 22-23 mpg. Paid $11k for it back in 2018.


I had to look up what that was and it’s a passenger car. Are you buying tools that are specifically home inspection related? Why not do the same with a vehicle? A Honda insight may have fit your lifestyle as a commuter however if you want to get serious about home inspections you may need something to accommodate normal home inspection tools including multiple ladders.


If you prefer Honda then trade your Insight in for a Pilot or some other SUV. At least you will have cargo space…

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This guy is going to be more prepared than you are with a passenger car.


And you may even look like somebody who is serious about what they’re doing. A home inspector shouldn’t show up in the same car as the clients babysitter.


Why not?


I starting this business 28 years ago and added and removed items I needed. It’s has everything I need no matter what type of inspection I am doing that day. From shoes, boots, umbrella and coats to five ladders, ZipLevel, laser level, (radon, mold, water) test equipment, coveralls, knee pads, bump hat, respirator, and a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Plus numerous items stuffed into those tool boxes.


Not sure that would fit into a $20K budget Randy!! :thinking: :grinning:


Like this one?

A contractor’s “nail gun”…


Sorry - a semi-automatic Walther PPQ M2

You might be able to fit that somewhere in a Honda Insight…


My clients babysitter never showed up in a truck like that.


This is a 28 year work in progress. I started with much less and built up over time. The point is IMO your going to need something capable of hauling some equipment, if your going to compete with seasoned inspectors, so look where your business will be in 5, 10, 15 years from now.

I already had a truck when I started, just added a few ladders, tools, and 3-part carbonless inspection forms. In 1994 film had to be developed and inspection software was not available, those were the good old days!