What kind of ladders do you carry?

My old truck had ladder racks, so I kept an extention ladder and a 6 ft A frame at all times.

My new truck has a short bed and I don’t want ladder racks.
What folding ladders do you use, and have you ever had problems reaching a roof with one?

I use a Little Giant that extends to 17", with the single leg extension.

Only 3-stories are a problem.

I use it as a gauge. If I can’t reach it with this ladder, i get out my binoculars.

also carry a 3-tier step stool.

all fits nicely in my 4-door

I use the COSCO knockoff. Been very happy with it and it has a 300 lb. rating.

Bought mine as Sam’s club for $100.


Enlarge Image

                                                                         Cosco® 17’ Multi- Use Ladder System                  
                                  each after mail-in rebate                 
                                                           (Reg. $139.99)                     
                                                   thru Jun 16                 
                                  Easily converts—without tools—to:

• 7 positions as Step Ladder
• 8 heights as Extension Ladder
• 6 positions as Stairway Ladder
• 3 heights as Scaffold
• 3 heights as Wall Ladder
$119.98 promo price - $20.00 mail-in rebate = $99.98 each after mail-in rebate #20-217-T11S

13’ Gorilla (similar to a Little Giant, but lighter and easier to handle)…

11’ Extendo-step…

Those cover most houses.

I also have a 16’ and a 24’ extension ladder (and a 20’ Little Giant), but they are now for home use. I try to avoid tall buildings that I can’t jump in a single bound.

I like the little giant and the cosco knock off better
Thanks guys

If I did it all over again, I would but the Telesteps 14.5 foot, wide step, 300lb. ladder. I have been using my 12.5 foot and could use the extra 2’. I am leaving my 26’ Little Giant at home more often than not.\

Great for inside the home, works well on the outside. But no matter what you weigh, get the 300 lb. model, not the 250 or 225. It is worth the extra.

Good luck.

Stephen, That looks like what I’ve been looking for but I don’t seem to be able to find how much it weighs on the site anywhere. Do you know?

I jumped this one today in a single bound from my 4 foot step:mrgreen:

But caught my cape on the chimney and had to land on the ridgeline:)

Right about 30 lbs. Tuck it under your arm and you can go anywhere. Especially great for attic scuttles located in closets and small hallways.

One warning for all these collapsible ladders. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS OR YOU WILL PINCH YOUR HAND/FINGER.