I am interested to know what some of those about the home inspections community use to access two story roofs. I have a 12’ extension, a 10’ and 6’ step ladders that do the trick for everything that I need except for two story access. I obviously cannot carry another ladder and place it on top of level one roof. How do some of you old salts get that part done? I see a lot of inspectors use telescoping ladders for smaller stuff. Not a fan of those. I appreciate your input… thank you.

Ben Donohue
Sundial Home Inspections, LLC
Cape Coral, FL.

Little Giant Sumostance.

I prefer the 28’ 1A

I’m one of those who use a Telesteps type 1-A. On a two level roof with a modest lower pitch, I’ll pull it up on the first level and go up from there. I also carry an LG 22ft whuch gets used about 5-10% of the time, but won’t reach a 2 story eave. 32 ft extension for those with a full two story eave, but I don’t carry it very often.

John Shishilla carries top quality ladders on his rig and 28 ft is a good length for most 2nd story eaves. If I was buying one today I would probably emulate him on the extension ladder.

I would only go with Type 1-A

A two story house with a foundation 2 to 3 feet above grade will require a (minimum) 28 foot extension ladder, helicopter, or a bucket truck. For everything else I use a 22’ Werner folding ladder, the kind that is a step ladder or extension ladder, so the most I have to carry is two ladders. The extension ladder stays home unless I need it for a tall two story.

The spectoscope. I haven’t even seen a roof covering for 5 months due to the show and ice we have here.